Build It And They Will Come

If you follow Great Britain at all, after a while you start to realize that if there’s one thing they’re short of, it’s enough alcohol in their lives.

And you wonder; if there was only a way Brits could only get more booze, faster.

Well, fear not.  While Britain may be a shadow of its former political, military, industrial and social self, when it comes to finding ways to ingest alcohol, Britannia still rules the waves.

3 thoughts on “Build It And They Will Come

  1. Coming soon to a fraternity near you. When you’re already dealing with booze without taste, why not take the next step?

  2. Money quote: “This has the potential to cause serious side effects as well as brain damage in the developing young brain.” Like millennials are using theirs to begin with. How would you know if it was damaged?

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