Climate Of Inevitable Violence

A generation of left-wing agitation directly led to violence in the streets of Pittsburgh this week.

The clashes began after hundreds of protesters, many advocating against capitalism, tried to march from an outlying neighborhood toward the convention center where the summit is being held.The protesters banged on drums and chanted “Ain’t no power like the power of the people, ’cause the power of the people don’t stop.”

The marchers included small groups of self-described anarchists, some wearing dark clothes and bandanas and carrying black flags. Others wore helmets and safety goggles.

One banner read, “No borders, no banks,” another, “No hope in capitalism.” A few minutes into the march, protesters unfurled a large banner reading “NO BAILOUT NO CAPITALISM” with an encircled “A,” a recognized sign of anarchists.

Violence, injuries and much property damage ensued. 

This sort of violence is the inevitable, direct result of the kind of rhetoric we’re getting from the left:

  • Michael Moore’s assaults on “capitalism”
  • The rhetoric of the likes of Keith Ellison and Dennis Kucinich – prominent Democratic/leftist legislators
  • The demonstrations at the homes of AIG executives by groups of rent-an-outragers (we call them “TeabAIGers”), who made it very clear that the political is utterly personal
  • The writings of vital lefty pundits like Nick Coleman and their disparaging references to “Big Cheeses”…
  • The anti-business rhetoric of the likes of Andy Stein of the SEIU.
  • The demonization of conservative causes, groups, and even thoughts by Janet Napolitano

…and many, many more, it’s clear to me that it’s inevitable that the left’s rhetoric on the economy is not only going to lead directly to violence; it’s already led there.

“But wait, Mitch!  You can’t tar the left with the brush of the G20 demonstrations!  Why, these “anarkids” are even bagging on President Obama!”

Right.  Just like James Von Brunn hated George W. Bush almost as much as he hated Jews.  Just like Timothy McVeigh hated traditional conservatives just as cordially as liberals. 

“So what’s your point, Berg?”

Two points.

  1. You leftybloggers do realize that intelligent readers habitually handicap you guys a few points just on basic principle and lack of expectations – don’t you?
  2. To paraphrase John Lennon, “All we are saying is give not-being-a-hysterical-accusatory-ninny-just-because-MediaMatters-says-you-should,-because-it-makes-you-look-as-stupid-as-a-“Minnesota Progressive Project”-regular-even-if-you-do-register-an-EKG-reading a chance”.  Not that I’m not perfectly happy to point that out on a case-by-case basis as needed anyway.  ‘Cuz I’m all about the help.

Thanks.  That is all.

30 thoughts on “Climate Of Inevitable Violence

  1. “Violence, injuries and much property damage ensued.”

    Uh, not according to the story you linked to. Not a single injury is mentioned. And the only property damage looks like a couple of broken windows.

    Angryclown knows it’s not nice to break windows or roll trash containers in the direction of the police, but get a grip, wingnuts, and stop peeing your pants every time you see a few 20-something anarchists having a protest. Geez you guys are pussies.

  2. AC your missing the point. How many arrests, property damage or injuries resulted from the 9/12 protest on the Mall in DC. How about EVERY TEA PARTY back on April 15th? Face it when the right demonstrates were respectful and clean up after ourselves. When the left demonstrates there is violence and mayhem in the streets. The only reason it didn’t turn into Seattle in 1999 was because the city was virtually SHUT DOWN because of the (accurately) anticipated chaos that would ensue. Its also not nice to call peaceful protesters nazis, fascists, racist, rednecks. Methinks some people doth protest too much.

  3. Yeah, AssClown, Kristallnacht was also just a protest.

    Funny thing, hypocrisy that is AssClown. It was not so long ago he was all atwitter about Tea Party Protests which not only were devoid of any violence (other then that perpetrated by card-carrying DemonRat union thugs), but also left congregation grounds in a cleaner state then when the Party started. But hey, windows busted and police assaulted is nothing, just a trifle.

  4. Don’t let angryclown distract you from the point: this actual violence is either the responsibility of those who actually did it, or it’s the responsibility of those who’s words provoked them to do it.

    So, which is it then?


    “A police report said at least 19 shops and banks, including many fast-food restaurants, bagel shops and diners near the university, had their glass windows or doors smashed. Sixty-six people were arrested following the clashes on Thursday — 24 during the disturbances in the afternoon and 42 overnight, police said. Details of the evening arrests were not immediately available, but most of the protesters who were arrested in the afternoon face charges of failing to disperse. A handful face more serious charges, including aggravated assault.

  6. A bunch of liberal arts majors acting out their adolescent rage.
    “You’re actively suppressing us”
    “We were barely even protesting”
    “We haven’t broken any laws” (Not much evidence of the anarchist spirit in that quote).
    One of the protesters carried a gadsden flag. Others unfurled a large banner with an anti-TARP slogan, which put the protesters on the side of Michelle Bachmann.
    They also seemed to confuse fiction and reality. One protester wore a Guy Fawkes mask, like that worn by the dashing rebel hero in the movie ‘V is for Vendetta’. The real Guy Fawkes was an anti-protestant religious terrorist, not an anarchist.
    They broke the window of a Boston Market. Not sure how the capitalist system will survive a blow like that!

  7. about as well as burning and destroying all those Starbucks in seattle back in 1999 Terry. I remember the mayor of Pittsburgh being interviewed and saying how stunned and honored he was to have Obama pick their city for the G20 summit. I wonder how he feels now? All I know is that if Minneapolis or St.Paul gets picked by a future president to host a G20 I would hope whoever is mayor says “Thanks but no thanks, we don’t need the grief”. Man these people make the RNC protestors look like a bunch of pussies. It’s kind of scary to think there’s people out there still capable of this crazy irrational thought.

  8. One way that you could stop these things cold is make it clear that anyone engaging in this practice (using violence or the threat of violence to influence political deliberations) would be prosecuted for a felony at the federal level.
    These protesters are hoping for careers in teaching or the law. A felony conviction will substantially alter their career trajectory, and they know it (or they should).
    What’s more. their parents will know it.

  9. AssClown just can’t show any skepticism or criticism toward the left-wing moon bats, Obama included.

  10. Of course the anarchists are protesting evil Capitalism. That’s because Communism, you know, is so decentralized and tolerant of personal liberty and free speech. Perhaps the G20 could be held next year in Moscow or – the way things are shaping up – in two years in Warsaw.

  11. They’re against the government, just like you nuts. Angryclown figures they’re probably teabaggers in training.

  12. Angryclown said: “stop peeing your pants”

    Ben Dover shreiked: “violence and mayhem in the streets”

    justplainlooney whimpered: “Kristallnacht”

    Nope, that’s not it. Change your shorts and try again.

  13. Angryclown figures they’re probably teabaggers in training.

    You were misinformed. We do the initial training at Applebee’s, then the super-secret stuff takes place down at the Knights of Columbus hall. Drat, I wasn’t supposed to tell you that….

  14. D you forgot about the Free Masons and the Illumanati, how could you leave those out!?! Wait… I’ve said too much already. And AC, nice paradoy of my name, so your denying there was violence and mayhem in the streets?

  15. Rather poorly as it happens, Mr. D. Thanks for asking.

    Of course we New Yorkers don’t have the proud history of sports champions to compare to Minnesota.

  16. Of course we New Yorkers don’t have the proud history of sports champions to compare to Minnesota.

    That’s true. The Minneapolis Lakers won many more NBA titles than the Knicks.

  17. Wow, thanks for the history lesson, Grandpa. Any opinion whether the Brooklyn Atlantics or the Philadelphia Athletics was the better Base-Ball club?

  18. Any opinion whether the Brooklyn Atlantics or the Philadelphia Athletics was the better Base-Ball club?

    No, but I would guess that either of them would have kicked the Mets’ asses. Have a nice weekend.

  19. we New Yorkers don’t have the proud history

    The Mets have a “proud history?”

    Oh, that was unfair and low. Sorry. Condolences. There’s always next April.

  20. Of course we New Yorkers don’t have the proud history of sports champions to compare to Minnesota.

    Heh. Says the affirmed Yankee-hater.

    How much pain did it cause you to write that sarcastic sentence, AC?

  21. Ass Clown, it’s not about the protest. It’s about the victims who get caught in the middle of protests gone awry.

    Business owners, innocent bystanders, and especially the cops are victims when they are force into these situation. The taxpayers are the biggest viciims of all, they pay for extra cops to deal with the situation. They pay for the clean up, they pay for the prosecution, and they even pay for public defender to defend the anarchist pricks.

    Why is it that they can’t protest without breaking shit.

  22. Mitch said: “Oh, that was unfair and low. Sorry. Condolences. There’s always next April.”

    You might want to save the sassy talk until your Twinkies are two games up on the Tigers, instead of two games down.

  23. Oh, we in Minnesota are used to it. Sassy talk saved is sassy talk never spent.

    We’ll always have ’91

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