Betty’s Priorities

Minnesota 4th district representative Betty McCollum the FBI to investigate the Bloomington dentist who shot a lion in Zimbabwe…

…which they’ll  apparently have time to do, since she’s not calling on them to investigate Planned Parenthood’s human chop shop operation.

16 thoughts on “Betty’s Priorities

  1. I remain amazed that, given the staggering number of ambitious DFL pols in the 4th CD, that no one has challenged the waste of space who currently occupies the seat.

    Meanwhile, the GOP has sent one outstanding candidate after another to face ol’ Betty and they all get crushed. Do you suppose Teresa Collett would have more interest in what happens at the Vandalia abbatoir?

  2. One other thing — someone should tell Betty that the Evil Dentist is also a fan of the Redskins and Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s National Guard car. She’ll start spinning faster than an Iranian centrifuge.

  3. Mr D….that’s what really bugs me. The GOP, every year, puts up a great candidate against her. Women, immigrants, people who have accomplished a lot in the real world. And the elections are never close. And these people while solid conservative values, are not rabid rightwing. They would do a good job representing the people of CD4.

    A few years ago, McCollum released a letter referring to some people as “a bunch of angry teabaggers”. It was even on her web site. Someone must have told her what teabagging is as the lettert was taken down later that morning. Geesh I wish I had done a screen shot of it.

  4. Betty would have been a complete loss to Planned Parenthood.

    No brain.

    The only reason she is not more of a national laughing stock, is the crowd of handlers that keep her quiet. Between her and Franken, the Democrat party keeps a lot of people employed.

  5. Mitch:

    You forgot to mention that she cares less about the people of Israel being hunted down like that lion

    Walter Hanson
    Minneapolis, MN

  6. I’ve seen a lot of concern on my FB feed from my progressive friends about how Cecil’s cubs will likely be killed by the new alpha in the pride so that the latter’s bloodline will become the dominant one. I wonder if any of them realize that the “lovable” Cecil probably did the same thing to his predecessor’s cubs when he became the alpha.

  7. Agreed that she’s a waste of space, and it’s even more interesting that she’s the minority whip. Great argument against the idea that we’ve got some kind of meritocracy going, that’s for sure.

    I can almost get why she’s so protective of prenatal infanticide, but the other things Planned Infanticide is known for doing ought to get her on the outs with them. I had thought that liberals were against statutory rape and incest–well, not when it’s Planned Infanticide failing to report likely cases per mandatory reporting laws. I would have thought that liberals would be keen on medical office protocols and cleanliness–again, not when it’s PI. Would have thought that they’d be against profiteering on the bodies of innocent victims–again, not an issue when we’re talking about Planned Infanticide and other abortuaries.

    It is as if everything liberals say about protecting the little guy goes out the door when time comes to close ranks around those murdering the littlest of little guys. Go figure.

  8. Global warming will kill all the lions, anyway.
    When will that happen? Just far enough in the future that no lions will be killed by global warming soon, but soon enough that all power to ration fossil fuel must be given to the government NOW! Waiting for unequivocal evidence of global warming will make it impossible to stop global warming, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t already have unequivocal that global warming is real. Got it?
    I’m just glad that Clarence the Cross-Eyed Lion didn’t live to see this.

  9. Hey, Thorley, tell your prog friends that Cecil the lion was named after white supremacist & founder of Rhodesia Cecil Rhodes! Aren’t lions the ultimate symbol of male patriarchy? They’ll want to give Palmer a medal!
    Palmer needs a good PR person. Sample tweet:
    “When my client realized that this lion, the symbol of male patriarchy, was named after the racist Cecil Rhodes, he couldn’t control his rage. #blacklivesmatter”

  10. …..and parted them out like a chop shop, selling them to the highest bidder.

  11. Why is it the most ignorant lefty political functionaries, meaning either dangerously deranged, or as in the case of Betty, just stupid as a stump, were employed as teachers at one time? What does that say about our educational system? What does that say about us?

  12. It says we’re screwed, Alex. My wife mentioned some dear friends of ours at breakfast today, all of whom are basically dyslexic because they’ve never learned their phonics. But everybody wants to give them help on the classes they’re taking now because….that’s as far as they can see.

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