And They Will Write 500 Miles, And They Will Write 500 More…

Did someone say the President is just a tad overexposed?

He’s turning the presidency into an infomercial,” warned former White House speechwriter Matt Latimer. “It’s not just damaging to the White House. It will also ultimately hurt President Obama’s image as a fresh, non-Washington leader.”

The media blitz has won Obama unprecedented wall-to-wall coverage in the mainstream media.

The factoid?  Obama has had three times the TV appearances of Bush and Clinton combined.

Fawning?  They got it!

In the New York Times alone, according to the Center for Media and Public Affairs at George Mason University, 405 stories on the Obama administration have appeared on the front page through mid-August of this year totaling 119,678 column inches. That’s 9,973 column feet of Obama coverage on the Times front page alone.

Endless This Campaign!

4 thoughts on “And They Will Write 500 Miles, And They Will Write 500 More…

  1. Oy oolways woonderred wut thet waird wuz, Jimmeh.

    Corr.  Efter oll thayse yairs, foynelleh.


  2. I saw the Proclaimers (twin brothers from Leith, Scotland) interviewed one time when they were asked what the word meant and they gave the definition. I accepted that definition and have used the word a few times before Googling it today to confirm.

    I think it’s a good word who’s time has come on this side of the pond.

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