The Improper Wiring That Dare Not Speak It’s Name

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Guy who’s nuts shoots up his own apartment and sets fire to it.

Another guy who can legally own guns because he wasn’t committed.  The judge let him go.

The problem isn’t guns.  The problem is nuts.  The civil commitment laws make it nearly impossible to put away nuts where they’re unable to obtain guns.  If it were easier to obtain civil commitment, there’d be fewer of these incidents and less work for ACLU lawyers . . . a win-win!

Joe doakes


Which is why it’ll never happen.


5 thoughts on “The Improper Wiring That Dare Not Speak It’s Name

  1. Making it easier to commit people involuntarily would open a up whole new set of tactics for divorce lawyers.
    If you continue to smoke tobacco despite knowing it is bad for you, isn’t your behavior a danger to yourself?

  2. People ought to have a “psychosis pop-up,” like those in a turkey. When it pops up, the authorities swoop in and take away all their guns and power tools.

  3. Since liberals believe that liberalism is about truth and facts, isn’t not being a liberal a form of delusion? Since it is far more likely that a gun in the home will be used to commit suicide or kill a friend or loved one than for legitimate defense, isn’t it a form of mental illness to want one? Wanting to own a gun could be the very thing that could make it illegal for you to own one.

  4. Only a crazy person would want to have a gun. But crazy people can’t have guns. So if you want one, you’re crazy and can’t have it; and if you don’t want one, you’re not crazy so you could have one but since you don’t want one, you won’t have one.

    I loved that book.

  5. Joe: Which is precisely why “Catch-22” will live forever as a testament to government and military insanity.

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