5 thoughts on “From The Memory Hole

  1. Shhhhhhhhh. This shall not be discussed. If it does get out, MSM/Democrat party will say:
    “Its old news”
    “Well, your side does it too”
    “This is a fake”
    “Who is funding you? Who do you work for?”
    Or my favorite….”Well, the Democrats of 1992 are Republicans today”.

  2. well lets just face it Clinton and Gore were then and are now racists of the first stripe – like every self respecting member of the KKK they are Democrats!

  3. Recall the Tennessee newspaper story about little Al Gore. When the family would go back to DC in late summer (his dad was a Senator), they would drive in the oppressive heat (cars not AC yet) with their black servant. They would eat in segregated restaurants, forcing her to sit in the hot car and eat a box lunch while the Gore family dined on fine food in often air conditioned whites only restaurants. The Tennessee paper interviewed her a while back.

    I know it gets old, but…..imagine if this would have been a story about a Republican.

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