Dear Karl Rove

To: Karl Rove

From: Mitch Berg, uppity peasant

Re:: Agenda item


Say what you will, but you did, once upon a time, teach Republicans an important lesson; if you don’t win elections, all the principles in the world are just wind in sails.

But the mercenary, “anything to get elected” dross of your philosophy has caused a lot of problems for the GOP.

And with this latest remark of yours, perhaps it’s time for you to take up gardening. Just saying.

That is all.

5 thoughts on “Dear Karl Rove

  1. So you are willing to eat a lot of GOP excrement, but all excrement is not equal.

  2. Next Mitch will discover that Grover Norquist is an open-borders maniac.

  3. Next Mitch will discover that Grover Norquist has a soft spot for the Muslim Brotherhood.

  4. A “too clever by half” statement that he will, I am sure, walk back. Not that it will help him.
    It’s perfectly clear in context that he’s not advocating for 2A repeal.

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