They Get The Concept – To A Point

So some Democrats get the idea that peaceful dissent is protected speech, provided it’s a lefty doing the dissenting at least:

Lefties are upset with RamCo Attorney Susan Gaertner, who is prosecuting eight RNC protesters (who, to be fair, are accused of a lot more than “dissent”, and whose job it is, to be even fairer, to prosecute the accused as opposed to make value judgements about the “protesters'” various “causes”.

But no matter.  Glad to see that after a month of calling dissenters “Nazis” and “White Supremacists” and siccing the SEIU on ’em, y’all remembered that whole “dissent is patriotic” bit.

I have hope!

2 thoughts on “They Get The Concept – To A Point

  1. Come on Asswipe, where’s yer whitty commentery? You Pig sh*t, nothing to say? Hum…… Mitch you’re writing over their heads again! This won’t do, dude.

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