Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Didn’t read this article in The Economist about Artificial Intelligence, what caught my eye was the photo.

Soon as I saw it, I thought to myself: “You must know Apple’s version will be a proprietary, non-standard size plug.”

Joe Doakes

and it will largely be used by espresso guzzling hipsters with ironic granny glasses.

7 thoughts on “iNtelligence

  1. Witless dolts like Emery would find a USB port quite useful. Cut his plagiarized response time down to seconds.

    Unfortunately, I don’t think they work unless they’re connected to something more substantial than a vacuum.

  2. As AI becomes widespread, the benefits will diffuse, and a new class of middle skill workers will form. Which may provide a solution for Doake’s query: “what to do with the dummies”. Speaking of dummies, have you managed to get the records of your sons expunged Tom?

  3. Hey Emery, if AI gets perfected within your lifetime, you can rent some and put the propeller on top of your empty head to commercial use.

    Emery The Drone.

  4. I bet you wish you had that USB port right now, don’t ya Emery?

    Lol, you poor slob. Take your time…someone once posted an appropriate response somewhere…you’ll find one eventually.

  5. Man, if you think it’s hard to get a USB plug in right side up now . . .

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