With the Minnesota Wild’s current hot streak, we’ve seen the usual parade of scolds.  The quote usually runs something like “Yeah, now that the Wild are hot, we see the bandwagon fans coming out”.

Now, let’s be clear; I don’t really care about hockey.  It’s just not my game.  I doubt I’ll watch any Wild games, even if they go to the Stanley Cup, which they won’t [1]

Main point?  Of course I’m a “bandwagon fan”.  You think I have time to waste on losers?  What the hell is the point of spending precious time slogging along behind a team that is only going to turn the whole thing into a collossal waste of time, money and effort?

Except for the Bears, of course.

[1] Which I say not because I genuinely doubt their ability to make it downtown, but because while I don’t know much about hockey, I do know that Berg’s Fourth Law of Media/Sports Inversion (“A Minnesota sports team may be a contender until the moment the local media actually believes they will be contenders. At that moment – be it spring training, late November in the NFL season, or week 72 of the NHL playoffs – the season will fall irredeemably apart”) applies to all Minnesota sports teams equally.

I’m doing it for you.

You’re welcome.

2 thoughts on “Priorities

  1. Anyone think the owners of the packed bars have signs over the door – bandwagon jumpers not welcome.

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