8 thoughts on “Another Open Letter To The Gay Community

  1. Headline should be “white homosexuals boycott small businessman due to his talking to a Latino”.

  2. Yes, the party of intolerance and hypocrisy was so supportive of Bruce Jenner’s admission that he was transgender, until he said that he was a Republican and believed in the Constitution, then they crucified him. It’s just like the evil ri

  3. Oh, this gets better (or worse). Reading some comments on this (including on CBS News)….anti-Semitism may come into play here. Read a couple of rants about how these men are Jews first and gays second. How bad they are because they support Israel (which is part of why they were interested in Cruz).
    Poor guys, they have pizzed off Al-Gayda.

  4. But don’t ever accuse the homosexualist left of throwing a hissy fit over this…….unless of course you want more of the same.

  5. Edmund Blackadder: Tell me, Brother Baldrick, exactly what *did* God do to the Sodomites?

    Baldrick: I don’t know, My Lord, but I can’t imagine it was worse than what they used to do to each other.

  6. PM, I did not realize there was anyone in the US who knew how to spell Blackadder!

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