Open Letter To The LGBT Community

To:  Big Gay
From: Mitch Berg, Uppity Peasant
Re:  Silence Is Golden


Save your stereotypes; I’ve done more to combat real physical hatred against real gay people than most of you will.  Long story.  Takeaway:  I’ve got no beef with gay people.

So don’t be phoning it in as a “hate crime” when I say I’ll support this in the public schools when you support open displays of crosses on Good Friday and Easter.


That is all.

11 thoughts on “Open Letter To The LGBT Community

  1. Memo to gay people: I’m not even curious what you do behind closed doors.

  2. How about Big Gay stop trampling on Constituion: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of Big Gay, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…”

  3. JPA – you’re being facetious, I know…

    …but when you have government telling people of faith what they can properly believe in public, what is that but the establishment of a state religion?

  4. I’m thinking if I were a teacher, the refusal to answer questions and respond to prompts would be rewarded by a quick trip to the principal’s office. You want to protest, fine, but don’t whine when you get punished for it.

    And speaking as someone who celebrates Christmas and Easter, I certainly don’t want it observed in most schools, where the teachers’ treatment of these holidays would make Martha Stewart’s approach look downright pious in comparison.

  5. LGBT – isn’t there supposed to be a couple of Qs in there?

    Facebook couldn’t keep up with the ever growing list of genders so now they just give you a free text field to type in anything you want.

    I’m GXPPOREFF-7.

  6. MBerg wrote:
    ” . . . but when you have government telling people of faith what they can properly believe in public, what is that but the establishment of a state religion?”

    They are going further than that. They are trying to define what you may believe is sinful and not sinful.

  7. How big is Big Gay? Today’s Mpls paper, front page, has a story about tough times on the Iron Range, and they feature a lesbian couple. Do you know how many homosexual couples are living together and raising kids together on the Range? Probably just this one, but this is who the Star-Tribune decided to feature. Part of the normalization of same-sex lifestyles. Oh, and the masceline one was slightly out of focus, while the cute lesbian is nice and sharp. Not that any of this is a big deal, but it is a good example of how MSM works to shape opinions. Even the Fargo Forum has gone really left wing and gotten into agenda journalism.

  8. Chuck, that’s because the media has updated the Style Book. The new mandatory headline is: “World Ending, GAY Women and Children Hurt Most.”

  9. Curious.

    Teh gayz are not a choice…God made them that way.

    But bisexuals go with whatever action presents itself. Couple guys having at it over there, a gal sitting over here ready to go…does the Divine inability to choose freeze them like a statue?

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