If I Did One Of Those “Man On The Street” Interviews…

… I have a hunch I’d be really be depressed at how many people on a typical college campus would take this article seriously, and at face value.

17 thoughts on “If I Did One Of Those “Man On The Street” Interviews…

  1. Cheer up big guy! I’m willing to bet your parents said something similar about you and your generation while you were in college.

  2. After reading the Onion article, I’ve tried interpreting Emery’s comment about a dozen times and it still makes absolutely no sense.

  3. I’ll dumb it down for both Y and JPA. MBerg looks down his nose and makes a condescending remark directed at a younger generation of college students.

  4. Emery – I’m not condescending. I’m alarmed.

    You wanna place a bet as to the percentage of kids at Macalester or Saint Olaf – out of either ignorance or “progressive” zeal – would take this as a straight story?

  5. BTW, Emery, I picked college because it was on my mind.

    I could have just as easily have said “at a DFL convention”, “at the Minneapolis Public Schools HQ” or “In the Marketing department at MPR”.

  6. One of the big challenges in getting people to support a business is to get over the hump of realizing that profits are a good thing–as our host notes, this is a nasty reality.

    Now certainly we would have had this 20-30 years back when I was back in college–had the Onion existed, we could have asked how it is that students don’t realize that an ideology that has killed ~ 100 million people before their time is a threat, but that really makes no difference. It is, on an objective scale, scary that a large number of people think that profits are bad, ignoring the fact that their paycheck comes out of margins.

  7. MBerg: It’s a pessimistic view of todays college kids.

    But to be fair I don’t seem to remember my folks subscribing to many of my attitudes and perspectives in my freshman college yr.

    We pay to clothe and feed them, pay for their education and all we get in return is attitude. If that’s not soci@lism I don’t know what is. ;^)

  8. I would be surprised if any LA college grad who was not majoring in economics could graph supply and demand lines on a standard graph (y=price, x=units sold) and correctly identify the point of intersection of the lines as the price.

  9. Why do you care?

    The person who hosts the mu.nu site has not maintained the server my blog was hosted on. It was free and I’m in no position to complain.

    And, again, why do you care?

  10. I would like to have read some of your posts, it would allow me the opportunity to understand your perspectives better. Thank you for the reply.

    As an aside, if someone chooses to be snarky with their comments, they should expect a little snark in return. ;^)

  11. Yes, I can see there is a definite lack of (financial) support. Thanks for the link.

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