The Booming Legal Economy

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Ramsey County doesn’t use District Court Judges to hear Family Law cases, they use Referees who hold hearings, swear witnesses, take testimony, and recommends Findings and Conclusions for final Decree to be signed by the real judge.  Anybody out there interested in spend all day, every day, listening to divorcing couples bicker?  Oh, and you also get to wallow in domestic abuse and listen to excuses from juvenile delinquents.

On the other hand, it pays well.


The Second Judicial District has the following job opportunity available:

Referee (2 positions available)

Applications accepted until 4:30 p.m., March 27, 2015

How much worse than “having teenagers” could it be?

5 thoughts on “The Booming Legal Economy

  1. Listen to tear squirting and watch pee pants dancing all day for $59 & change an hour? Only if I get to shoot spit wads at the warring parties.

  2. What Swiftee says. I anticipate suicides among those holding these jobs, it would be so darned depressing to have to be decorous while doing so.

  3. You need a JD and 5 years family law experience otherwise I’d apply. Can’t be that different from debt collections.

  4. Also at that pay rate assuming you worked only 40 hours a week for 50 weeks of the year thato 118k before taxes assuming no ot. Not bad

  5. Not that good for a lawyer with 5 years of experience, though. Take of 7.65% for the half of FICA they’re not paying, $15k for medical and other benefits after taxes…’s about the same as $90k salaried as far as I can tell. I vividly remember reminding recruiters of this when I was out of work and they were trying to act as if $40/hour was like $80k salaried….guys, I know you got into HR and recruiting because you had trouble with math, but this is pretty bad.

    Speaking of people who go into a profession because they’re not terribly good at math, if any lawyers have been saved from self-destruction by my little note here, you are welcome.

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