Liberals Warned Us…

…that if we voted for Mitt Romney, we’d have a government beholden to plutocrats, that trampled on the people and the law itself to get its wishes, while marinating in luxurious unaccoutability.

And they were right.  Even parts of the Left are smart enough to see it, albeit possibly too late.

Note To John Kline, Erik Paulsen, Tom Emmer and (if you’re smart) Colin Peterson:  Oppose this.  Seriously.

3 thoughts on “Liberals Warned Us…

  1. Left Libertarians thought the best way to keep the internet free and open was to let Obama regulate it.

  2. OK, under what legal authority would net neutrality be implemented? I can get any number of internet providers via cable, phone, satellite, and they’re going to provide it like it was my electric power utility in 1975? And without releasing the plan for public comment and review?

    If I were on the board, that plan would be public in a heartbeat. Screw the grand poo-bahs on the Democratic side.

  3. Speaking of government overlords……a Minnesota Democrat (state leg) has introduced a bill that requires all Minnesota employers to puchase and give for free to all of their employees, free abortion pills. No religious exemption (even though the SCUS has already ruled against this). It shows the kind of hatred the Democrats have for people of faith.

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