It’s About The MOB

I think it’s time to have the Summer MOB party.  It’s been five months, after all – why not get at it?

How does the evening of Saturday, August 22nd look for everyone? 

Not that there are a whole lot of other options, but I figured asking would be a good thing.

23 thoughts on “It’s About The MOB

  1. I have dog events going on; summer is the busiest time for that.

    I look forward to next time. Hope you have another good turnout.

  2. I think so (if those weeevil Texans don’t barbecue me when I’m in Houston/Austin/San Antonio next week)- and it should be the week after my Nepali volleyball tournament . . .

  3. Sure. But howz about we boycott the cities and spend some money in the burbs…you know, a free parking/no stadium tax/no domestic registry/no moonbat zone.

  4. Liberals hate Maple Grove.

    So do people from Saint Paul of any political stripe.

  5. I’ll second that recommendation…as soon as you can confirm that after that guy showed up, 3 squares updated their dress code to prohibit men from wearing pretty, pretty earrings.

  6. What happened to idea of Drink and Shoot party? Or was it Shoot and Drink? The order always confuses me. I’m sure we can organize something in Oakdale.

  7. Shoot ‘n Drink: the sponsorship with Oakdale fell through. May still give it a try, but it’s taken a bit of a back seat this year, sorry to say. Life intruded.

  8. Why not an “ATF” party? Alcohol tobacco and firearms party? Nothing beats a little Bushmills, cigars, and center fire fun.

  9. I have been wanting to get “NARN” raid jackets for years.

    Any vendors out there? Have your people call my people.

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