If Everyone’s A “Right-Leaning Conservative”, Then Nobody’s A “Right-Leaning Conservative”

I spent a weekend doing yard work, doing the show, taking care of kid stuff.  The mundane workadaddy, hugamommy stuff that consumes so much of most of our time.

But I’m considering the possibility of spending next weekend squiring Scarlett Johannsen around New York.

No, seriously; I’m thinking about it.  It’s theoretically possible.  I’m a straight guy and Scarlett’s a straight girl, so it could happen.  I could fly to NYC next weekend, if I cut back on groceries and car insurance.  Don’t rule it out!

“But Blogger Berg!  You are never going to get a date with Scarlett Johannsen!”

Silly critics.  There mere fact that it could happen makes it a story!

In related news, Bob Anderson might run against Michele Bachmann.

“Bob who?”

Bob Anderson.  He’s with the Ventura “Independence” Party.

I’ll forgive you for flipping to the next story right now.

Things are heating up in the race to unseat 6th District Rep. Michele Bachmann: Democrat Maureen Reed raised $230,000 in the two months following her announcement to run

Most of it, I’m told, from big and out-of-district donors.

past Bachmann challenger Elwyn Tinklenberg says he’ll be in the Democratic primary whether he gets the DFL nod or not;

Please, please, please, DFL.  Send E-Tink up against Bachmann again.  If a bureaucratic drone like Tink couldn’t beat Bachmann in 2008, the low-water mark for Republicans, he will get crushed in 2010 in a Sixth District that realizes what a bill of goods the nation has been sold.

and state Sen. Tarryl Clark is expected to announce her candidacy soon.

Ooh, even better; Clark is like a jello-cooking Nancy Pelosi. If nothing else, it’ll shut up all those dolts who think there’s no choice between politicians.g

A new twist: Third-party candidate Bob Anderson — who garnered 10 percent of the vote in the 2008 election — is seriously considering running again.

That ten percent was people saying “I’m a Republican voter in a Repulican district, and I’ll never vote for E-Tink; how will I chastize the GOP without voting for Obama?”

Last time Anderson ran as an unendorsed Independence Party (IP) candidate; Tinklenberg was cross-endorsed by the DFL and the IP. This time, Anderson says he wants just one endorsement — the IP’s. Coinciding with the IP’s executive committee mee…

…blah, blah, blah.

Here’s hoping this is the election where the Ventura-tied fluke of the IP being a “major party” ends.

3 thoughts on “If Everyone’s A “Right-Leaning Conservative”, Then Nobody’s A “Right-Leaning Conservative”

  1. “Here’s hoping this is the election where the Ventura-tied fluke of the IP being a “major party” ends.”

    Noooooooo!!!! Are you kidding me? The IP has been the bane of DFL politics in this state since Jesse ran. They were the cushion in every close race in 08′ that kept the GOPer in it or close (See Norm and Paulsen). They made possible the ’98 house take over, and they have also been very helpful in keeping a GOP gov around.

    The mistake we make on the right is that the IP is the son of Perot sucking conservative votes – not in this state. The IP is straight, white guys who’s great generation parents and grandparents think FDR saved the country, spent most of their lives in a private union (NOT Afscme or mea), and can’t bring themselves to vote for management (republicans). Viva la IP!

  2. Gill,

    You’re right, but the GOP needs to learn to win elections, not “not lose” them on technicalities like this.

    And while you’re correct about the IP’s effects on elections, they are still irritating as hell.

  3. E-Tink just hired a KOSmonut as campaign manager….oh yeah, that’s gonna work real good.

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