I Have A Dog Whistle

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

This is why I was careful not to eat some my favorite foods on Martin Luther King Day: I didn’t want to offend anybody.

I intentionally skipped Quaker Instant Grits for breakfast, passed up Kentucky Fried Chicken with fried okra and orange pop for lunch, and made certain to avoid Famous Dave’s Bar-B-Q Ribs and corn bread for dinner.

Fifty years of “civil rights” has transformed American into a place where menu choices made to honor Dr. King’s name are twisted into proof of hatred of his memory. I wonder if this is the kind of tolerant, diverse, color-blind society he was hoping for when he said “I have a dream?”

Joe Doakes

in the future, it will be considered “racist” to point out that Michael Jordan could dunk.

1 thought on “I Have A Dog Whistle

  1. Notice that the person complaining is a white professional poker player who admits he’s on the lam. Yeah, we should reorder society based on this clown.

    That said, i remember a MLK dinner back in college, and it was wonderful. I wonder to this day if it was so good because it was the kinds of foods the cooks (mostly black–Lansing MI is heavily African-American) liked to cook at home, because of their love for Dr. King, or a bit of both. Or maybe as well because the budget was way looser that evening.

    And finally, I too have visited Dr. King’s boyhood home (there are pictures of me with some women from Dallas in front of the memorial somewhere out there) in Atlanta, and yes, they mentioned his favorite foods. One might suggest that maybe, just maybe, eating “soul food” ought to remind us of the struggle for equality, as most of it is simply the foods that rich white people rejected at the time, but creative cooks made delicious despite the difficulties.

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