So In Other Words…

…our semi-retired President is going to propose paying for “free” communithy college for everyone…

…by taxing peoples’ savings to put their own kids through college?

Two points, here.

Face Value:  If we take the  President at his (ostensible) word, that means the nation’s community college system will inherit the worst of both worlds; the government control that’s made the public school system such a sclerotic disaster, and the financial firehose that’s led to the “higher education bubble”.  And let’s not even concern ourselves just now with the deepening ideological conformity that this would impose on the higher ed system?

What could possibly go wrong?

Shelf Life:  But fear not.  As with everything else in Obama’s presidency, it’s not about educating young people.  It’s about trying to demigogue the education issue, to give the Democrat Party a chanting point in the next election.   Republicans who vote against taxing people who saved for education to benefit those who didn’t is an ideal demogogueing point.

And that’s really all there is to Obama’s “free community college” proposal.

11 thoughts on “So In Other Words…

  1. They’re not “saving” to educate their own children, which would be morally good; they’re “hoarding” money that could be used to educate more deserving children, which is morally bad.

  2. Oh, why did all the money end up in the pockets of the wrong people? The gummint otta do something about it!
    Sharpton owes about 4 million in back taxes. At $200k@, that would be enough for 20 full boat scholarships at a state university. That might be a good place to start.

  3. The first thing I thought of when I heard of Obama’s proposal–even before his idea of how to tax to pay for it–was to remember how little studying the “trust funders”, students with no “skin” in the game of college, did. I thought also of those who made college a career–Obama’s proposal would enable them, really.

    The man is full of bad ideas, but this one is really pretty special.

  4. What are you complaining about? To the Left not taxing something 100% is just government subsidizing you. Remember, you didn’t build it, so you don’t own anything, you’re just temporarily holding it for the government until someone more worthy comes along.

  5. Think this is bad? Just wait until you see what Demonrats want to do with your 401(k) and IRAs.

  6. Laugh all you want, jpa, but in Obama’s economy a barrista counts as a skilled knowledge worker and is one of the lucky ones.

  7. I keep expecting the government to do this with Roth IRA’s: decide to tax the dollars coming out, even though they were taxed going in.

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