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  1. Even a devil’s advocate could not stretch anything enough to justify such inaction. He could have sent anyone … Biden, Kerry, Hillary … anyone. To not send a representative is sending a very hard to miss message.

    Let the spin begin. It should be interesting.

  2. Valerie Jarrett is not interested in France and Dear Leader doesn’t do anything with out her approval. In terms of the real power in the WH she’s it – President in all but name.

  3. I can understand the President not walking the streets of Paris due to the Secret Service issues, but I simply don’t get not sending Kerry or Biden. I guess he’s living up to his credo that the future will not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.

    Of course, if I wanted to blaspheme Muhammad and Islam, I’d have done exactly what the Charlie Hebdo killers did.

  4. It’s funny how the “tolerant” left wing utopians criticized and vilified President Bush for not going to New Orleans after hurricane Katrina, because there was enough chaos there, without him stopping in, yet, in Paris where there was more security now than any time in French history, he couldn’t even send one of his shoe shiners! I mean, what else does Biden have to do all day?

  5. I’m certain the Leader of the Free World had at least a Jackson riding on the late game yesterday. Couldn’t have missed that.

  6. Our ambassador to France was apparently in attendance at the rally which seems like the appropriate person. Also with the exception of the leaders of Israel and the Palestinians (who were apparently not originally invited but showed up and were not turned away) it appears to be pretty much an EU leader rather than a “world leader” event.

    Also at the risk of being called heartless, the image of heads of state linking arms and walking for their photo op really didn’t do anything for me. If they wanted to send a message it apparently was: “don’t murder our people or else we’ll link arms and look all mournful and forlorn.” At the same time they’ve probably given the murderers and their cause a level of notoriety that they wouldn’t otherwise receive. If media coverage of individuals who commit terrorist acts may have the effect of encouraging, what do you suppose the effect will be of the next batch when they realize that they can get 40 heads of state to effectively jump at their whim?

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