Christian Charity…

…inveighs me to pray for a safe outcome for everyone in the siege in Sydney, where latest reports say the police have stormed the Lindt cafe where Iranian cleric named, according to press accounts, Man Monis has been holding between 15-30 hostages.  According to Australian press reports, Monis is on bail after being charged with murder and sexual assault, and has spent the past several years sending hate mail to families of Australian service people killed in action – sort of a Muslim Fred Phelps.

And I do pray for exactly that.

But I’d be lying if I didn’t admit part of me hopes the sonofabitch got two shots in the head.

UPDATE:  Clearly the entire story is BS.

Mr. Monis, the alleged hostage-taker, was allegedly armed with a pump-action shotgun – which is, at close range, more deadly than any “assault rifle”.  Monis has been convicted of harassment, and was out on bail on murder and sexual assault charges.  In addition, Australia has strict civilian gun control.

There’s just no way a person with Monis’ record could get a gun!  That would be illegal.

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  1. So, Australia, which has some of the most restrictive gun laws on the planet, has a murder suspect, out on bail, threatening hostages with a gun.

    Are those the facts as we know them Mitch?

  2. As an immigrant whose “alleged” criminal activities are behaviors considered to be among the most reprehensible by most modern societies, why was he out on bail? I suspect that the Australian criminal justice system is probably more like ours than not, but given the weight of the abhorrent activities he’s supposedly involved in, why risk further trouble by this character? Like maybe murder and hostage-taking maybe?

    Wouldn’t being a foreign-born adult with the ability to go “home” at the drop of a turban least justify his being held without bail? Or better yet, a revocation of his invitation to be in Australia? At his worst the man is a serious crime risk. And at his best, displays a strong potential for being a gigantic pain and drain on the society of his host country.

    I’m all in favor of humanitarian relief and justice for all people within our borders. However, non-citizens of any status should only be allowed to remain here at “our” discretion. When their behavior becomes a liability – financially or behaviorally – to the host country, they should be sent back home and to the end of the immigration application line.

    Obviously the “our” is the sticking point, and in these current times could never be defined to everyone’s satisfaction.

  3. Joe’s comment illustrates why RKBA is so darned important. When seconds are the difference between life and death, not only are the police just minutes away, but they’re also apparently the reason the perp is on the streets to begin with. Ugh.

  4. Joe, he could in theory go home, but in practice he was granted a political refugee status so the Iranians probably wanted him for something capital; if I had to guess, blasphemy would probably be a good guess given his ramblings.

    I doubt that the situation would be much different in this country, honestly, for somebody with his immigration status and charged with the same things he was.

  5. The irony in this is great. He’s Shia and iranian. Both are things isis hates. They are sunning and don’t recognize iran. So ro top it all off he’s a moron

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