It Was Twenty-Five Years Ago…

…that the Berlin Wall fell.

But make no mistake; the Soviets won.

The link is to an article about government’s role in the demise of medicine in America.  The whole piece is a pull quote, and that is not “fair use” by any stretch.  So read it.

And then look at every other area of your life where these same sorts of niggling government interventions happen “for your own good”.

5 thoughts on “It Was Twenty-Five Years Ago…

  1. Good article. I highly recommend it. Of course, it fits my world view completely. Once upon a time I saw a graph that depicted the rate of inflation in medical costs versus time. The line was basically horizontal until 1965, the year Medicare began. Then it began a steady increase. For anyone of the opinion that price setting and government manipulation of markets is good, the graph would be an eye opener. I have since tried to find it in cyberspace but unsuccessfully. Organized medicine made a huge mistake by going along with Medicare, one that probably can’t be erased after two generations of Americans raised with the idea that health care must always be provided by an employer or the government.

  2. On the bright side, the actuaries tell us that the collapse of Medicare and Medicaid is a question of when, not if. It’s actually more promising than the collapse of the Warsaw Pact seemed in 1989, if I remember correctly.

  3. As the Bolsheviks used to say: “There are no coincidences, comrade”.

    It cannot escape one’s attention that the two most utterly, completely, totally and irrevocably FUBAR’ed sectors of the present-day American economy are education and health care.

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