3 thoughts on “What Every DFLer Is Thinking At This Moment

  1. Unlike 99.9% of Democrats, I’ll wait until the state presents its evidence and makes its case before declaring guilt. Based on recent behavior, the mere accusation made by the state is enough for most Democrats to gather the lynch mob (must be in the DNA from their KKK forebears). I imagine that since this guy is neither a Catholic priest nor some piss ant GOP “leader” if he were to be convicted, it would not lead to stories that he is representative of all Democrats. It will be more along the lines of “dude, that was like two years ago”.

  2. Googled the guy’s name, and groups in support of the lifestyle are already circling the wagons by pointing at the accuser’s fairly significant legal record.

    On one side, the heritage of the accusations certainly can be questioned. On the flip side, the accuser is a 25 year old who, when he shaves, looks maybe seventeen, which suggests that youth is not a barrier for the affections of the accused.

    Which makes sense, really. The reason most heterosexual men don’t go for sexually mature teen girls is not because they’re not physically attractive. It’s because they’re off limits, among other reasons. Why we would expect homosexuals to be any different?

    And from what I’ve learned in protecting a church or two from abusers, if there is anything to these allegations, we will likely hear a lot more in the coming weeks–nauseating stuff like what we’ve heard about Bill Cosby.

  3. Mr Bean is the co-founder of the left wing gay group Human Rights Campaign. Several large Twin Cities corporations fund this group; Such as Best Buy and Target. Can I be the one to ask the CEOs of these companies if they support child rape?

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