Open Letter To The New GOP Majorities

To:  New GOP Majorities in the MN House and US Congress
From: Mitch Berg, Uppity Peasant
Re:  Agenda


Want something to show you’re serious about getting the boot of government off of innocent citizens’ necks? 

Reform civil-forfeiture laws.  Now. 

Including, preferably, eradicating laws that allow corrupt pettifoggers to run rackets with the blessing of “the law”. 

Do it now, so we can see who the real enemies are. 

That is all.

6 thoughts on “Open Letter To The New GOP Majorities

  1. I’ll believe that the new GOP is serious when they repeal the law that bans incandesant light bulb.
    That law was the worst piece-of-crap, crony capitalist law passed in the Bush years.
    You can’t make much selling incandesants, but man, with CFL’s and LED bulbs you can leverage technology investment and IP rights to make cost +, all at the expense of the consumer.

  2. I don’t think enough of the GOP has the stomach to weather the inevitable cries of “YOU WANT TO DESTROY THE EARTH YOU ENERGY HOGS” that will come from the left, PM.

    And Philips and GE will be ROTFL over in the corner as a result.

  3. One of the worst side-effects of the war on drugs has been the increased real and perceived corruption of the police at all levels of government.

  4. I wonder how different the country would be if all drugs were legalized?
    Modern science + human nature would indicate that extremely addictive drugs would be readily available, widely used, and sold at a reasonable price. You know, like cigs used to be.
    Maybe cigs are a real world analog?

  5. Civil forfeiture laws sound like a good start, as they infuriate people on both sides of the aisle.

    And lightbulbs? I can hardly find a bulb of any type by Philips or GE anymore. If it was a gambit for their higher profit CF and LED divisions, it seems to have failed.

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