O’Reilly Is A Lame Punk

Ed landed a great “get” on the Northern Alliance Volume II show today; Patrick “Patterico” Frey, of Patterico’s Pontifications, talking about the run-in with Bill O’Reilly.

A brief run-down of the flap:

  1. Thursday, O’Reilly slagged on Hot Air – Michelle Malkin’s blog, for which my radio colleague Ed Morrissey writes – for making a scabrous posting.
  2. Michelle, Ed and Allahpundit noted that the “posting” in question was actually a comment; something that Hot Air doen’t regulate or supervise a whole lot more strictly than I do.
  3. O’Reilly went on “The Factor” and issued a wussy non-apology, saying in essence “OK, I reported it wrong, but Hot Air should police their comments as rigously as I police mine.
  4. Patterico signed up for a membershp ($5 a month – yes, you have to pay to leave a comment at O’Reilly’s website), and published a slew of scabrous, “unpoliced” comments.
  5. Patterico’s membership was terminated.

Patterico’s conclusion, via Ed?

Did Patterico get a high-five from the Factor for his intrepid work in pointing out hateful comments?  Not exactly:

I wish I could share today’s “BillOReilly.com blog posting” . . . but my membership has been terminated …

Oh, wait. I just reviewed the Terms and Conditions again, and I believe I have found the relevant language: “4. Do not expose Bill O’Reilly as a rank hypocrite.”

Note to O’Reilly; take your “No Integrity Zone” and go over to the other guys once and for all.  You’re not a conservative; you’re a populist gasbag who would throw the Reagan Legacy and the Rights of Man under the bus to give you an extra point in the PPMs.
Go.  Please.

By the way, feel free to check in on Monday at Townhall.com for the podcast of today’s show.  Patterico is at the end of Hour 2, but it was a good show from beginning to end, and you could do a lot worse than add it to your weekly podcast diet.

5 thoughts on “O’Reilly Is A Lame Punk

  1. This should be fun to watch. Whenever O’Reilly is caught in misstatements or misrepresentation of facts, he claims to do so in the name of “lookin’ out for the folks”.

  2. BOR has always been problematic at best, but the way he treated Ed and now Patterico is simply awful. O’Reilly needs to be called out for this sort of thing.

  3. I’ve always viewed Bill as I do Hannity and Glen Beck. They can talk, and they get some things right, but ultimately they are self-serving.

  4. They are all doing a fine job of making $$$$. I give them no more credit than that.

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