Despicable Steve

It hasn’t been a good campaign for DFL Secretary of State candidate Steve Simon. 

For starters, he barely got over 40% in the primary – against a perennial candidate and a nobody.  Which might not have been a showstopper for the DFL machine to overcome, except that they were up against Dan Severson, who has statewide name recognition from a 2010 SOS run and a Senate bid (that came up short in the convention in 2012). 

Then, last week, the polls showed that Severson was ahead of Simon; he was the only GOP statewide candidate to lead in the polls at that time.  

At the very least – given the polling that, we are told, shows Mark Dayton supposedly cruising to victory – it’s a sign that the DFL/Big Money Democrat onslaught has a chink in the armor. 

At the most?  It shows that the DFL’s “We’re Inevitable!” vibe may not be entirely factual. 

Severson’s press conference last week – in which he showed smoking guns tying the SOS office to a policy of tossing veterans’ votes, and Rep. Simon’s signature on legislation that exempted the military from absentee voter reforms – went badly for Simon, and worse for the DFL’s Ken Martin, who tried and failed to take a chunk out of Severson in a comical morning of duelling press conferences. 

Simon is apparently desperate; he’s now telling his base that Severson proposes “forcing rape victims to pay for rape kits”. 

It’s BS, of course.  Not just the usual, comical, inept BS the DFL tosses around at this point in campaigns, all juvenile photoshopped heads and racist japes

No.  This is a sleazy, toxic, intentional, cowardly lie.  Severson responds (and I’ll add emphasis):

I moved it forward with the understanding that the bill would propose sharing the cost of all expenses associated with sexual assault between the counties of the victim and the perpetrator.

I specifically killed the bill before it EVER got a hearing because of the language specific to victims having to pay for anything.

In a just world, whatever DFL messaging genius that came up with this attack would get some sense groin-kicked into him.

As it stands?  Since a lie will make it around the world before the truth has finished checking Facebook in the morning, it’s back to the long, slow slog of telling people the one central truth of Minnesota politics.

If a DFLer says it, it’s a lie. 

If a DFLer who’s losing says it, it’s probably defamation.

2 thoughts on “Despicable Steve

  1. And don’t expect state supported media “fact checkers” to be on the case.
    Does The Humphrey School of Public Affairs have a ‘No Math Required’ tag line on the program brochure?
    Why do DFL’rs lie? Because they can. The media and their cast of state supported university staff ‘experts’ will pull the old “Republicans Claim” on something blatant to undermine the truth.
    And given their dimwit base – people who think Community Action of Minneapolis is the exception rather than the rule, why change what’s working?

  2. I seem to recall several Demonrat controlled states voiding or otherwise negating ballots of deployed soldiers.

    A classic example is Virginia, home to about 250,000 or more deployed military members. In both 2008 and 2012, they are purported to have deliberately sent out the absentee ballots either late, to the wrong address or both. This despicable act of treason was designed to ensure that the votes of these brave men and women, who largely vote GOP, would arrive too late to be counted. The state then blamed it on the individual branches of the military. This is a typical convenient, left wing lie, but may have some validity.

    I have come to believe/observe that once senior military officers get to D.C., they begin to worry more about their political presence than they do their troops.

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