To Be Fair

…this story wasn’t a surprise to anyone that’s had to try to “debate” liberals on Twitter about economics, or been in a room full of AM950 listeners.

Republicans are better informed about what’s going on in the world; according to Pew, it’s not even close:

So how stark were the partisan knowledge differentials?

Out of 12 questions asked, Republicans outperformed both Democrats and Independents on 10. The differences were most pronounced on the questions regarding Common Core, fracking and where Shiites outnumber Sunnis, where the percentage of Republicans answering correctly outpaced Democrats by double digits. But Republicans also outperformed Democrats on questions centering on the federal minimum wage and the Fed Chairwoman, even though she’s a Democrat appointed by Obama, while the minimum wage is Democrats’ favorite wedge issue this election year to try to keep Harry Reid (D – Nevada) as the Senate Majority Leader.

Now, I myself don’t put a lot of stock in these sorts of polls, at least for purposes of drawing snarky conclusions about relative intelligence across party lines.  That’s kinda the other side’s obsession.

Which is why I bring it up…

2 thoughts on “To Be Fair

  1. I would also add the following:

    Fox News has a recurring report conducted by Jesse Watters. These reports never cease to lave me howling with laughter at the ignorance on world events displayed at liberal bastions of misinformation, like Harvard! He will ask questions of these mental midgets, like who is Joe Biden or who is the Vice President. So far, 99.99% of the respondents have no clue on important topics, but readily blame the U.S. over ISIS as the biggest threat to world peace. We are doomed.

    A few weeks ago, The Patriot Post, posted an article from another liberal professor, that if I recall correctly, was also from Harvard! He had apparently studied the scientific knowledge of both liberals and conservatives. His conclusion? No surprise here! Conservatives were more knowledgeable on science subjects, i.e. global warming, than liberals by a factor of over 1000 to 1.

    This just proves that DemocRATs pander to and celebrate low information voters.

  2. Cultivated ignorance, moral preening, and an intense desire to rule the lives of others pretty much describes the modern American Left.

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