Happy Whatever It Is Day

It used to be called “Columbus Day”.

I think Minnesota now refers to it as “Invasive Italian Day”.

17 thoughts on “Happy Whatever It Is Day

  1. I would suggest calling it “Moral Vanity Day,” but upon reflection the conclusion is unavoidable — every day is Moral Vanity Day over at City Hall.

  2. In order to emphasize that, in the U.S., we are all equal, Native Americans will hereafter be referred to as ‘First People”.

  3. Fair enough.

    And henceforth, Norwegians will be called “first exogenous discoverers”.

  4. So, if a Native American feller moves to, say, Luxemberg, is he still an indigenous person?

  5. With the exception of smallpox and other European diseases, it strikes me that a lot of “indigenous peoples” had it a lot better with the Europeans than before–the Spanish did, after all, stop practices like “human sacrifice” that characterized many of the major cultures of the pre-Columbian era. And given that Columbus predates Pasteur by nearly four centuries, I don’t know that we can exactly blame him for bringing smallpox there.

    Not trying to make light of horrific real offenses like slavery and such, but I’m reminded of the protests that occurred when the Field Museum in Chicago put a Pawnee lodge replica in and noted that the Pawnee did do human sacrifice. All the fishbelly white do-gooders protested, and thus it was hilarious when an actual Pawnee leader was contacted and said “yes, that’s what we were doing 200 years back. Thank God that’s over”, more or less.

  6. @Tom: back in the day when open carry was the standard.

    Today, countries lend money to consumers in other countries to buy ‘their stuff’ as a way of subjugating them. The soon to be subjugated borrow the money and party away.

    When they finally realize what’s happened…
    Well, we’ve been living that story for the past several years.

  7. Franken the retard is speaking at the rally at 4. Some Republican trackers better be there

  8. Reading the history of Columbus Day, it is obvious that declaring it a federal holiday had more to do with large blocks of Italian-American voters in key swing states. It was politically motivated.

    So the fact that Mayor Hodges has joined with other politicians to satisfy and motivate her own voting blocks is not surprising. The small number of Italian-Americans in Minneapolis will make less of a stink and many of them, good liberals, will even buy into the shame-shame aspect of it.

    In short politics giveth a name to a Holiday, and politics taketh away. Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn.

  9. POD, I know you’re not one for granting requests…(hell, how many times are you asked for ice water every day?) but could you see your way clear to lighting FRaNKens hair on fire during his spew fest, just a little?

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