The rumors started flying over the weekend – and Tuesday, we got confirmation:  one of the rash of shootings in Minneapolis over the weekend involved a carry permittee, a 21 year old Minneapolis man:

Authorities believe he was acting in self-defense when he fatally shot 18-year-old Earl Malone Saturday night at the intersection of Knox Avenue North and 26th Street.

Police took the 21-year-old man into custody at the scene. Sources tell WCCO the man has a conceal-and-carry [sic] permit, and told police he shot Malone because he had tried to rob him.

According to a Facebook post from the Twin Cities Gun Owners and Carry Forum and the irreplaceable Shelley Leeson – a reliable source on these sorts of stories – the permit holder apparently said Malone was armed, and tried to car-jack him. 

According to police files, the 21-year-old permittee fired three shots; Malone fled, and the permittee called 911, exactly as one is supposed to do.  Squads responding found Malone dead – his gun still in his hand. 

Since the permittee has been released without charges, you may be certain of three things:

  1. He didn’t pick a fight with Mr. Malone.  Indeed, he did everything feasible to get away from the fight (with “feasible” being the operative word).
  2. The permittee legitimately feared being killed or maimed – enough so that the notoriously anti-gun Henco attorney Mike Freeman was convinced the case didn’t need to go to trial.
  3. The use of lethal force was appropriate under the circumstances; if it weren’t, Mike Freeman would pounce like a vulture.

And while the identity of the shooter has not been released, and likely won’t be (for the shooter’s protection, no doubt), I’m going to hazard a guess – and it is only a guess – that the permittee is African-American. 

If it weren’t true, the local media and the cluster of anti-gun pressure groups, who would love to have a Trayvon Martin of their very own to wave like a bloody shirt, would be howling about it right now.

6 thoughts on “Self-Defense

  1. One has to wonder why the black, race baiting loudmouthed agitators, Al Sharptoon and Jessie Jackass haven’t been pouncing all over the Hannah Graham case. After all, isn’t it their mantra to convict someone before they even get to trial? Oh…wait! That’s only a white on black crime!

  2. They aren’t going to publicize the shooters race because there is nothing to gain for the super rich persons of pallor who control the Democrat party and media organizations (ptr) around here. Many of these people still don’t know or ignore the fact that Otis McDonald was a person or color.

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  4. 18 year old Malone wasn’t of legal age to carry a pistol. I wouldn’t be at all surprised that he had a lengthy juvenile rap sheet, although we may never know.

  5. If the 21 year old shooter who had a valid carry permit was indeed a Black person, that’s good news. It means carry permit holders are NOT all middle-aged fat White men. It means some of the next generation are seeing the value in traditional American values and adopting them. I applaud that.

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