Comparing Butchers Bills

In five months of testing an operation, the “green line” has racked up five train versus auto accidents, two injured pedestrians…

… And now, a fatality – a woman wearing headphones apparently walked in front of a train near the U of M.

For comparison sake, light rail has been operating in the Twin Cities (counting the “blue line”) for about 10 years, now – almost as long as we’ve had uninterrupted handgun carry permitting.

The butchers bill for trains? It’s now up to six dead – and the “Green Line” is just getting started. In that time we’ve had one carry permittee involved in an unjustifiable homicide – and the killing itself had nothing to do with her permit.

If we can save just one life…

6 thoughts on “Comparing Butchers Bills

  1. The U of M you say? Who could have predicted that?!?! I mean, besides anyone who’s ever driven down there.

  2. True, but if I’d have had to bet, I’d have said “in front of the Trend Bar or Arnelia’s”.

  3. I frequent the Midway area of St Paul and can say there are a lot of putzes in that area. Common sense is not in abundant so car and pedistrian accidents will be common/ And I say this as a luke warm light rail supporter.

  4. Democrats frequently cite suicide statistics for middle-aged White Men with mental health issues as justification to ban guns. The PiPan says the victim was a middle-aged White Woman, a lawyer prohibited from practicing law for mental health reasons, but nobody is calling for a ban on trains. More proof of Democrat’s War on Women?

  5. In a somewhat related – and happy – note, the Eagan City Council is considering approving a new gun range in the city. I like Bill’s and BPR, but Eagan wold be so much more convenient!

  6. it’s also worth noting that carry permits are getting revenue for the state, while the Death Train’s costs are in the billions of dollars.

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