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I’ve been doing this blog for five years.  And I’m not going to stop any time soon.

But even at the beginning of the blogging phenomenon, I figured that there had to be a way forward – a next big thing in citizen journalism.  For me, the next natural step forward would be to do some sort of audio production.  I’ve had plans for almost a year to do a podcast – but the technical overhead of recording, editing, hosting and posting for subscription was more effort than I wanted to bite off.  Still, I figured that someday the technology would come to make audioblogging as easy, rewarding and productive as blogging the written word.

And for me, someday is now.

Ed, of course, beat me to it:  he’s up and going on BlogTalkRadio – a new service that will do for audioblogging what and did for web blogging; make audioblogging simple, user-friendly and (most importantly of all) ubiquitous.  Best of all, it avoids the one big problem I always had with traditional podcasting; it allows live talk, complete with call-ins; it has all the interactiveness of blogging, but it’s live!.

Yeah, I’m stoked.

I’ll be starting a show shortly, too. 

Listen Live   I’m doing a test broadcast tomorrow, and then will start a regular show on at  I’ll be rolling out a new site for my own podcasts (along with the space available on BlogTalkRadio), hopefully over the weekend.

Here’s the important part; BlogTalkRadio is, (Ed and I notwithstanding) heavily dominated by left-of-center talent.  Ed and I, of course, are looking to help change that. 

More details as they become available (and by all means, listen to Ed’s show)

Disclosure:  BlogTalkRadio is paying me actual money to do this.  That, and there’ll be some ad revenue.  There is no spillover into my politics – indeed, quite the opposite.


3 thoughts on “New Toy

  1. Oops.

    Congrats, Mitch! I can’t wait to hear what angryclown sounds like. I’m guessing you’ll need to turn up the volume whenever he calls in. Wakka wakka!

  2. OK, it works. Although I object to being labeled “Flyover country”. I think “Flyunder country” would be more apropo, don’t you?

    Ciresi will eat Stuart Smalley’s lunch and spit it back in his face. Unless Al gets the big guns backing him. Like Patty Wetterling.

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