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Earlier this week, Sally Jo Sorenson of Bluestem Prairie unleashed the nagging, hectoring, joyless scolding hordes of the Minnesota left on the River Oasis Cafe in Stillwater for daring to protest against the DFL’s minimum wage hike jamdown by informing their diners how the price hike was affecting their meal price.

The comments on Sorenson’s piece were the same sort of uniformed ad-hominem that the mindless cattle of Minnesota specialize in, in their bovine way.  And given that most of them  are idlers with more time on their hands than brain cells to burn, we can only assume that they’ve taken other actions against the River Oasis. 

Because protest is a good thing, unless it’s the DFL that’s being protested against. 

Anyway – any establishment that’s got the seeds to tell the emperor they have no clothes deserves the thanks of the people who really make this state work, the taxpayers for whom the DFL has such oozing pustulent contempt.

So here’s what I’m thinking. I’m gonna run out there (here’s the map link) for breakfast Saturday morning. 

And if you’re a Minnesota taxpayer, businessperson or citizen who thinks that real people speaking truth to stupid power is a good thing, I’ll invite you to join me.  For breakfast. 

(Separate checks, by the way).

If it’s just me, that’s fine.  But feel free to come on out.  Drop me a comment if you get a moment, just so I know whether to expect company.

15 thoughts on “Saturday Breakfast

  1. Sounds good. We meet in person so rarely, would you mind wearing a hybiscus in your hair, so I recognize you?

  2. I would go if I wasn’t 5,000 miles away. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

  3. PM, aren’t you supposed to be facing the passionate embrace of Julio and Iselle come Saturday morning, you just had an earthquake, and with any luck you’ll hit the trifecta with a volcanic eruption – could be a busy weekend.

  4. Have to work, but otherwise I would be there! No worries though! I’ll run over there on Monday, as I’m off work.

  5. Yeah, Kel, but its not too bad yet. At 15:00 local time (20:00 CDT) we have 30 MPH wind and heavy rain. Iselle makes landfall in about three hours, and its center will pass over the Island in the middle of the night. I think I’m good if the winds stay less than 60MPH. I’m far from the ocean and up at 4,000′, but I have some tall trees nearby.

  6. I’m safe, at work, where I have internet. Power & phone still out at my casa.
    My first hurricane. It built over about twelve hours to 60 mph winds and several inches of rain per hour, then went out the same way.

  7. Sorry, Dog Gone, but is that proof or something? The “Comment of the Day” you linked to got pretty well deconstructed itself in the comments.

    Not to worry, we’ll all find out whether your unproven accusation about the owners of Oasis Cafe is true or not when the owners are “randomly” selected for an IRS audit…

  8. Regarding Doggone’s screed, it’s worth noting that the tipped wage in Minnesota was not $7.25, but rather $2.63. Hence, it’s not an increase of $1.25, but rather nearly $6, in which case one achieves that $.35 increase in three minutes and
    35 seconds.

    About the time it takes to order huevos rancheros and coffee, really. So the restaurant is really downplaying the impact of this new law.

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