Rep. Ron Erhardt: “I’ll Blow Your Head Off”

The Minnesota Gun Owners Civil Rights Alliance has spent the past few weeks compiling its biennial legislative report card.

As, for that matter, have a lot of Minnesota activist groups. It’s election season, after all.

But I’m going to guess not very many got a response like a GOCRA volunteer got from Minnesota state representative Ron Erhardt (DFL, HD 49A) of Edina:

“No more surveys! You come near me, I’ll blow your head off” was Erhardt’s  response, according to GOCRA.  I have sent Rep. Erhardt an email asking for elaboration.

I’m trying to imagine what’d happen if a pro-life Representative had said that to a volunteer from Emily’s List?  If a fundamentalist Christian rep had said something like that to a gay marriage advocate?

I’m not saying that only Democrats have this sense of depraved entitlement.

Just that only Democrats can get away with it in this state.

Note to Aaron Rupar, Rachel Stassen-Berger and Tom Scheck:  Boy, wouldn’t this be a big, juicy story to report on!

(Note to the Dario Anselmo campaign:  Merry Christmas)

11 thoughts on “Rep. Ron Erhardt: “I’ll Blow Your Head Off”

  1. Childish overreaction aside…his response seems to indicate at least an element of support for the Second Amendment…

  2. With comments like that I don’t think he’d pass any psych review for P to P, keep guns out of the hands of the mentally unstable.

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  4. I lived in his district in the years we were pushing the shall-issue bill, (and when he was a Republican). He was always clear that he disagreed with us on the issue, but he was always polite and personable.

    I guess switching to the DFL drew him to the dark side in more ways than one.

  5. “I guess switching to the DFL drew him to the dark side in more ways than one.”

    Keep guns out of the hands of the mentally unstable……..wink

  6. IMO, Ronnie boy has turned into a classless jerk! I’ve heard him speaking and he is just as arrogant as most libidiots.

    Some people that I know that live in his district, two of which voted for him, told me that during a town hall meeting a couple of months ago, some people were complaining about the increases in taxes that had very vague reasoning for doing so. Ronnie’s response was (allegedly) “Well, then I suggest that you move to a suburb that you can afford to live in”! I wasn’t there, so I can’t verify their stories, because all three of these people are very respectful of others points of view, are very credible in my eyes and all had the same story, I have to believe that it happened.

  7. He hasn’t been the same since he switched sides after being voted out of office for supporting the last gas tax increase.

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