Unclear On The Concept

The chairbeing of the Minnsota 6th District DFL calls daycare and personal care workers who fought against forced unionization “human parasites”

On the one hand, I suppose we should be thankful he called them “human” at all.  On the other hand, I’m sure the irony escaped him.

If there were ever a reason to keep the DFL in the 6th CD in the minority, this is one.

For that matter, independent businesspeople statewide need to read and absorb what this hamster really means; if you’re not chipping into the public employee unions, you’re not contributing to society

11 thoughts on “Unclear On The Concept

  1. human parasites. Im still thinking that is too kind of a description.

  2. I am thinking that he meant to use the word ‘gusanos’.

    Sounds friendlier than “kulak.”

  3. I’m at a loss, here.

    When did daycare workers become employees of the government? When did they start negotiating with the government for pay and working conditions?

  4. Unions killed the Iron Range by raising wages and benefits so high the price of the produce became unaffordable. They killed the steel industry and Detroit the same way.

    The only reason unions haven’t killed the Post Office is Congress loves pork in their districts so much they keep funding the antique system even as it loses Billions and Billions of dollars every year. That’s not an argument in favor of unions, it’s an argument against the stooges that the union helps get elected.

  5. I believe Mr. Usher was referring to the “free-riders” in a work unit or shop floor.

    “A free rider, in economics, refers to someone who benefits from resources, goods, or services without paying for the cost of the benefit.”

  6. I believe Mr. Usher was referring to the “free-riders” in a work unit or shop floor.

    Perhaps he was, but Harris v. Quinn wasn’t about work units or shop floors.

  7. Correct, Mr. D., and to continue that line of thought:

    Unions donated money to elect Democrats, who raised the minimum wage. All minimum wage workers benefitted from the union action but not many have reimbursed the union for their fair share of the benefit. Therefore, all minimum wage workers should pay the union, whether they join one or not.

    And since the minimum wage raises the floor for all other wage negotiations, every worker benefits and therefore every wage earner in America is a Free Rider who ought to pay up before something bad happens to them or their families, capiche?


  8. He also assumes government unions are worth a crap, which is a huge assumption. State unions get people to show up to monthly meetings by buying lunch, called a “pre-paid lunch” by those who pay attention.

  9. I think the “parasite” tag is more appropriate for those wanting the union. Many, including someone close, has a severly disabled child who qualifies for PCA hours. She is able to use her parents for this as the “personal” in PCA is extensive. They view their compensation for this as welfare, aid to the disabled person, and are grateful for it. Since the money comes from tax dollars, they are quite grateful to taxpayers and do not feel entitled to the money,do not feel they have standing to ask for more, and wouldn’t complain if the funds were withdrawn.
    By their standards, they would feel even more parasitic than they feel now if they asked for more money …

  10. I don’t know about y’all, but the thought of a postal worker of all people calling other people “human parasites” is more than a little bit discomfiting.

    It also occurs to me that when people want to work together to achieve a common goal, they are free to do so. When I and dozens of my fellow Baptists get together to form a church, we are able to do so without forcing the Presbyterians and Catholics to join us. In fact, since our theologies differ, we all agree that we’re happier not forcing the issue.

    Why is it that unionists often do not get this?

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