The second-biggest problem this nation faces today – behind the fact that our financial system, left to run the way it is today, is going to crash sooner than later – is the fact that too much of our government operates outside the law.

Of course, that fact grabs headlines when Obama’s administration tramples the law to oppress conservative groups – and by “headlines”, we mean “not in the mainstream media”, but headlines nonetheless.

It even gets notice on the retail level when government’s agents – the cops – make up the law as they go along.

But in the long term, it may be most toxic when the “justice” system decides it can operate outside the law.  Whether it’s a corrupt, pettifogging Mike Nifong bending the rules to help his re-election bid…

…or a piece of garbage in a judge costune who decides the law is what she says it is:

A judge has ordered Matthew Hindes to appear in court or face contempt, despite the fact that he’s out at sea and there’s a federal law meant to help those who are deployed.

Sailor Hindes already won custody of his daughter – four years ago.  Now he’s a crewman on, concidentally, the USS Michigan ,a ballistic missile submarine.

The Serviceman’s Civil Relief Act (SCRA) was designed to protect servicepeople from being ambushed by legal actions (foreclosures, lawsuits, and yes, custody battles) while they’re deployed and defending the country, frequently in situations where keeping focus on their jobs is a matter of life or death for them and – in the case of a submarine crew – 150 other men.   By law, judges are to stay all actions for a minimum of 90 days while servicepeople carry out their duty to this country.

But Hindes’ ex-wife filed a motion in their apparently ongoing custody battle.  And – SCRA notwithstanding – the judge has declared herself above the law, and is demanding that Hindes crap out a miracle:

But circuit court judge Margaret Noe in Michigan denied that protection for Hindes. The Daily Telegram quotes the judge, “If the child is not in the care and custody of the father, the child should be in the care and custody of the mother.” But sailor Hindes argues the child was taken from the ex-wife four years ago for neglect.

Let’s not mince words:  Judge Noe is a martinet, and a pig, and a “human” only in the strictest biological sense of the term.  She is unfit to walk on the same street as Hindes, much less suspend the law in regard to his case.   She is a piece of animal offal with two legs and a law degree.

Military lawyers are now joining the effort to get a delay in the case. In the meantime Hindes remains deployed serving his country.

I hope those military lawyers start with tossing Noe’s actions thus far.  And then impeach “her” from the bench.  And then clap her in the stocks to be pelted with garbage and jeers, especially from other serving servicepeople, not to mention the rare custodial father.  Then it’d be nice to deport her to North Korea, where she belongs and into whose ruling class she would likely fit nicely, at least ideologically.  And I hope they film the whole thing, to show it to any other petty government functionary who tries to operate like the law is their personal byotch.

That’d be merciful.  “Judge” Noe should be happy I’m not this nation’s absolute ruler.  Then, things would get nasty.

Hindes’ supporters have Facebook pages here and here.

6 thoughts on “Lawless

  1. OK, so a law designed to protect the rights of service members while deployed is not in effect because he’s deployed.

    Even “better” it appears that Hindes’ ex-wife lost custody because of neglect. So the judge is ignoring federal law on behalf of a neglectful mother. Send her to North Korea? I can understand the impulse, but I’m thinking being de-benched and disbarred so she can assume a position more in line with her ability, like Wal-Mart greeter, would be sufficient.

    No insult intended to Wal-Mart greeters, by the way.

  2. There’s a very good chance that Hindes is completely unaware of anything going on. Submariners are for all intents sequestered while on deployment, and bad news is often withheld on the orders of the Captain.

  3. It’s a common impulse with family court judges, to do what They Think Is Right rather than what a bunch of middle-aged White men decreed as the law in some grubby legislature somewhere.

    I once represented a woman in a custody case. She was an enrolled member of a Minnesota tribe meaning her kid was covered by the federal Indian Child Welfare Act and Minnesota’ Indian Family Preservation Act. She was also a hopeless alcoholic. The Wright County family court judge gave temporary custody to the White father over my protest because he decided that was in the child’s best interests. But “best interest” is not the test for placement of Indian children and the local judge has no authority to substitute his own cultural values for those of the Congress and the Legislature. Arrogence overturned.

    Hers will be, too.

  4. It seems to me that the child is not in any danger and apparently quite happy in the care of her step-mom. What urgency is there that can’t wait until the sailor returns from deployment? I’m thinking impeachment and disbarment is about right!

  5. Look at who she is emulating. Laws don’t apply if they are not “fair”. After all, we’re dealing with a single mom here, and single mother trumps military man. Fairness is supreme now, who needs all these old, white-written, unfair rules?

    Unfortunately, this prime example of modern journalism left out the judge’s logic and (perceived) authority to disregard a well-established, long-standing law and to order the impossible. It would be nice to hear her side of it. I hope the military judicial system will be able to correct her foolishness.

    My fear is that as the president’s office begins to collapse, he will go all out to grab as much as he can with his magic pen and a weak opposition. I don’t think he is above riling his base into full fledged riot mode; what’s he got to lose? He’s wealthy, has enough wealthy supporters to sustain him, and there are lots of foreign governments who’d love to play host to an expatriate U. S. president.

    Speaking of kids and custody, whatever happened to “our girls”? I thought the White House and its minions were working 24/7 to resolve their abduction, complete with both US military and law enforcement in-country advisors? Have they returned, were they located on the passenger list of flight 370, or have they just become a less valuable media shield? Speaking of flight 370 …

  6. Minor correction, the MICHIGAN was converted in the last 10 years to carry Tomahawk cruise missiles and SEALs instead of Submarine Launched Ballistic Missiles.

    One of the few ex-Navy Missile Technicians in the state of MN.

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