What I Did Last Night

Not many things will get me to miss a two-hour 24.  But it was worth it.

I attended a “Lincoln’s Birthday” fundraiser for Minnesota Senate District 62 last night, at Minnehaha Academy in Minneapolis.  Dan and Karen Mathias and their kids organized the event, and did a fantastic job.  About sixty of the hardcore faithful (including BuddhaPatriot and the ubuiquitous Pink Monkeybird) turned out to see a panel hosted by Annette Meeks and including Katherine Kersten, David Strom and (who doesn’t belong in this picture?) me discussing the state of conservatism today – the way we got here, and where we go. 

I had a blast, of course.  Great company, great dinner, and a great time. 

Disclosure:  I was “paid” a really lovely chicken dinner with mixed steamed veggies and some wonderful Basil Potatoes whose recipe I’m going to have to reverse-engineer tonight.  That was it.

9 thoughts on “What I Did Last Night

  1. Mitch detailed his evening at a “Lincoln’s Birthday fundraiser ”

    Sure have to reach back to find a decent Republican.

    Even on the coast, word of your speech has rung like a clarion to the huddled, dispirited masses.

    Let me put aside my cynicism to say “well done”.  A tip of the fez to you.

  2. I have TIVO and have only watched the first hour. Not sure what my Wife’s schedule is for tonight, but I may be able to arrange a viewing. I’d watch the first hour again. Lemme know


  3. Tonight would be best, let’s tentatively plan 6:ish.

    Have your people call my people.

    Beer is good Mmmmm Beeeer! (The official rite of Spring is fast approaching!)


  4. a really lovely chicken dinner with mixed steamed veggies and some wonderful Basil Potatoes

    Sounds like the meal they regularly serve at Club Gitmo. Now you know what it’s like to eat in a gulag, eh?

  5. what it’s like to eat in a gulag

    As I said, it took place in Minneapolis.

    “Mayor Rybak, tear down this wall!”

  6. Mitch,

    I enjoyed your speech at the Lincoln Day dinner on Monday. You may not have the academic background (nor the hair) of the other panelists. You most certainly dominated in the passion category however! Sometimes that’s enough.


    PS Since you work so cheap, we should have at least offered you some of the leftovers.

  7. Mitch.
    Video Cassette Recording technology has been with us for approximately 20 years now. Let me know when I should come over to teach you how to get yours to stop flashing 12:00 and program it to record “24” while you are away.

    Ok. Smart-ass snarkiness is now concluded.

    I enjoyed your presentation.

    -the blogger formerly known as pinkmonkeybird

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