Deal With The Devil

One the one hand, the MinnPost is running sponsored news again.

And yet again, the subject is guns, and the sponsor is the Joyce Foundation, which is (aside from Michael Bloomberg) the biggest funder of anti-gun groups in the United States.  Before Bloomberg bought the local rights for “Protect MN” and “Moms Want Action”, they were the major funder of gun control groups in Minnesota.

And part of that funding went toward buying favorable media, mostly in the form of risibly bald-faced propaganda.

Of course, Joyce has taken a whack at funding respectable journalism as well.

Investigative reporter Mike Cronin has embarked on a Joyce-sponsored multi-part series on the gun culture.  And like not a few previous such efforts, it starts out as a “gorillas in the mist”-style exploration into what is clearly for Cronin a foreign culture, as he takes his Carry Permit training class from Andrew Rothman (a long-time friend of this blog, president of the Gun Owners Civil Rights Alliance, and the guy who, if I had a carry permit, would have  taught me my carry permit class two hypothetical years ago).  Which is as good an intro as there is to the “gun culture” as a newbie can have.

Cronin is going through the class, intends to get his permit, and to purchase a gun as part of his investigation into the “gun culture>

And by all accounts, it’s a fair account, so far, although you be the judge.

No doubt Cronin will be looking at the “other side” of the debate; I’ll be watching.

It’ll be interesting to see what Joyce is paying for, this season.

26 thoughts on “Deal With The Devil

  1. On a somewhat related note, after yesterday’s murder of two policemen and a Walmart shopper by two miscreants that had a death wish, I can’t help but notice that all, with the exception of the Loughner case, of these mass shootings have taken place in states under Democrat control. Further, the murder rates, involving guns, also seems to be highest in Democrat enclaves with the strictest gun controls.

  2. Boss – there have been some mass-shootings in Republican jurisdictions (the Crossroads Mall in suburban Omaha, for example), but I believe they’re almost all in “gun free zones” (Crossroads was a “gun free zone”).

  3. I attempted to leave the suggestion, on the Minnpost, that Cronin might kindly identify his benefactor to folks he’s mingling with. Spiked.

  4. Does SITD have donations/contributions coming from any gun advocacy groups?

  5. Dang Joe, just followed your link. Looks like when Ms. isn’t sending it’s brain-dead writers out to make asses of themselves with guns, they’re conducting an all out assault on the Catholic church.

    The level of hate in there was incredible.

  6. I found the article to be quite fair and impartial. More so, the author has decided to buy a gun based on his experience. If the author was being pimped-out by the Joyce Foundation, he’s in for a clothes hanger beating.

    I’ve yet to take anyone shooting, from anti-gun friends, civic groups related to a police citizen’s academy, to my late, then-97 YOA grandmother-in-law, who didn’t enjoy the experience. Put the “average” person alone in a waiting room with a pistol and a slide rule (if such still exists) on a table and see which object the person gravitates to first as boredom sets in. Guns are generally considered cool. interesting, and fun regardless how forbidden they perceive the fruit.

  7. “Does SITD have donations/contributions coming from any gun advocacy groups?”


    When this blog gets *any* financial support, “Hugo”, it’s either:

    • from advertising, which is clearly visible
    • from my annual pledge drive, which is from individuals
    • Listed under my “Disclosure” category (on the Categories menu on the right side of the blog).

    I’ve never gotten a dime from any pro-gun-rights group. If I ever do, I’ll disclose it.

    Unlike pretty much every liberal blogger in town that still gets paid.

  8. “Does SITD have donations/contributions coming from any gun advocacy groups?”

    More likely SITD makes contributions to those groups.

  9. I certainly do, personally.

    And I’d imagine at least a few people have gone from my blog and show to the COCRA, MNGOPAC and other Human Rights websites.

  10. Narrative for sale but also anti-narrative, rumor has it Journalists are getting paid big $$$ to NOT cover all the scandals the O admin has lurking under the carpet. Unfortunately I can’t get their souls because these people seem to have been born without them. DC here is a vortex.

  11. My undergrad. minor was Pre-Journalism. The now-deceased dept. head (and only staff member) was a prototypical, mid-1970s, old guard journalist with a fondness for gin. However, he was one of the few U of MN teachers who really seemed to care about and take an interest in his subject.

    He would often warn us of an appalling new trend he saw developing in the world of journalism; “advocacy news reporting,” He’s likely spinning in his grave now, as he sees how right-on he was with his warnings. May God rest the soul of Professor Howard Martz.

  12. Hey, “Hugo” – any relation to Ken Weiner

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  14. Somehow, I knew Weiner would try to steal my superior cartooning style in a pathetic attempt to have a career. Screw magazine ain’t never coming back, and Roberta wasn’t gonna support him forever… even a lefty dick has to make a living sooner or later.

  15. ” But I ‘m here to tell you those were not ‘two pillows’ he was spooning with.”

    Pffft. I know ears when I grab ’em!

  16. Regarding the Ms. Magazine article, if the writer indeed did not get any training, I can understand why she was terrified of the gun. But why one would miss a chance to have a great time at the range and get that training is beyond me!

  17. at least this guy is semi-entertaining and not dropping comment turds like DG

  18. POD, if he hangs around long enough, I’ll share some my classic Life in the Dumpster ‘toons..Weiner loves ’em. It’s like ladling burning oil on the damned, great fun to listen to the screams.

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