All The Jamestown News That Fits

This one blows my mind; all you Jamestown natives who read the blog will get it.

On Tuesday, the city’s airport was closed due to flooding:

The airport is on the high ground.  The airport remains closed to fixed-wing planes today.

This, just in time for the blizzard, as the flooding in the lowlands of the James Valley (which I wrote about yesterday) kicks off.

And it is kicking off in earnest; apparently the “worst case” forecasts show both the Jametown and Pipestem dams rising to within a foot of their emergency spillways, even as the Army Corps of Engineers increases outflows from the dams to compensate for the recent rain and massive melt-off.  Over that level, and the dams’ll release directly into the rivers without any regulation, pushing the normally-sluggish (and already-swollen) James way over its normally-ample banks.  The Corps of Engineers is working on building temporary dikes, and  sandbagging is reportedly underway.

(Via It’s Good To Be In N.D. the only Jamestown-centered blog I can find)

4 thoughts on “All The Jamestown News That Fits

  1. Speaking of flooded airports. I was in Malaysia, back in 1995, and local guy started the meeting by handing me a cut-out from the local paper with a picture of Holman field in St. Paul – under water. Talk about small world!

  2. Fargo radio station has good live coverage. I think you hold back posts with links, so I’ll just say go to “doubleU x3” “dot”

  3. Chuck, I’m not sure but it seems like posts with links go through as long as you make them real links (i.e. use real html and don’t put the address in your message), but more than one link per post will get shoved into the moderation queue for sure.

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