Dear Minimum Wage Activists

We warned you.

But did you listen?  No!  You said that jobs would not be lost as pay for low-skill jobs was forced upward by government fiat, and that there’d be no unintended consequences – because all consequences, presumably, would be forestalled by foo-foo dust brought down from the skies on the backs of unicorns. 

But there is no foo-foo dust, there are no unicorns, and when you force someone to pay more or less than the free market will bear for something, there will be consequences.

And so there are.

10 thoughts on “Dear Minimum Wage Activists

  1. …..said that jobs would not be lost as pay for low-skill jobs was forced upward by government fiat…..

    Brought to us by the same ones who said “if you like your plan you can keep your plan”.

  2. Restaurants like a McDonalds work on ratios. They measure everything from Food Cost: Sales; Rent: Sales; etc. Watch one of the many Restaurant / Bar Rescue shows and roughly every other episode, the expert will ask the in over their head Restaurant Owner what their Food Cost is or the rarely sober Bar Owner what their Beverage Cost is. The failing enterprises don’t know what they are much less what they should be.
    A common measurement ratio is Employee Expense: Sales. When wages are raised in the manner they were by Obama, the Smart (TM) Restaurant Operator realizes that there is no way she can operate the restaurant and be profitable if her employee expense is way out of whack with her sales. If she raises prices, she encourages her customers to go elsewhere or no where (some of those base contracts require the operator to maintain prices close to similar off-base operations).
    I’m not surprised that the Left doesn’t understand these issues. I read an article at the Supposedly Smart(TM) Gawker a few months back where the author had undertaken a study of what a bar charged for a beer or cocktail compared to what you could buy it for at a store and make it yourself at home. Lines such as – “the bar charges $3 per bottle for that beer, which cost only $1 per bottle at the store. What a ripoff!!11ty!!” – were riddled throughout the “analysis”.
    These people are dumb. But they’re Smart(TM) enough to get the taxpayers to pay their tab when it comes Public Broadcasting. What was it I heard? $9 Million in the bonding bill for MPR?

  3. Mitch, as you know, my daughter works on a navy base. Their Pizza Hut is already closed and she expects others to close as their contracts expire.

  4. I really don’t see what the problem is. Those soldiers have the MREs, don’t they? And it’s not like they call them “meals rejected by Ethiopians” or anything, except that’s exactly the case.

    And what’s the problem with unemployment? It’s not like five million people or so have become discouraged workers since Obama moved to the White House, and it’s not like another five million or so have gone on disability because they couldn’t find work.

    Except, again, that this is exactly the case.

  5. I wonder how many of the protesters are actually McDonald’s employees? .
    Recently, at least around here, the unions have farmed out the sacred job of picketing to non-involved day labor types. Could be the same with the “big” McD’s demonstrations.

    If they are actually employees, I’d think they might get a wage increase if they redirected their protesting energy into their job.

  6. You know, if I owned a fast food franchise, or any other business for that matter, and I saw my employees protesting that business’s practices, in front of the business, I would consider that misconduct and terminate the lot of them! I’m sure that there are plenty of people that I could replace them with that would take that pay in a heartbeat.

  7. Boss – and all the neighborhood customers that thought you were “unfair” and “mean” to do so, would also hoof it over to your competition as soon as the cost of their McNuggets jumped by fifty cents.

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