The Scales Fall

Normally, I can’t say as I pay much attention to the comings and goings of Vikings players.  I mean, if they, mattered, they’d play for the Bears.

So the departure of Matt Birk to the Ravens doesn ‘t really affect me in the least.

Or so I thought.

Because while I could care less about the football, Birk’s departure might at least in part explain the shuttering of “Matty B’s”, Birk’s downtown Saint Paul watering hole, former home of one of the better happy hours in downtown.

Now it’s impacting me…

9 thoughts on “The Scales Fall

  1. Baseball, baby! How about you and me open up a bar in downtown St. Paul? We’ll call it “Harmon’s Kill-a-Brew” – baseball only on the TV’s, big screens at either end for Mets and Twins games. Brooklyn Lager and Schaffer Beer on tap. If some fancy boy asks to see the menu, we say “chips or pretzels?”

  2. One week from today I head for sunny South FLA. Twins and Marlins on the 14th, twins and Reds on the 16th.

  3. Matty B’s closed permanently several weeks ago, long before he ran off to Baltimore. You can try and blame the smoking ban, but probably not the Vikes or Ravens.

  4. Sweet, Kerm. Ft. Meyers, right? Mets are on the other coast. Pal of mine says the spring training tix sell out right away these days. He had to buy a whole package where you meet players, old-timers and whatnot. Plus it’s a great time to catch some sunshine. Have fun!

  5. Ain’t that great, Mr. D? The beer straightforwardly marketed to binge drinkers.

    “Sure it’s not that great. But after you have a few, who cares?”

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