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Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

I wonder what position Dog Gone took on this bill? Always interesting to see how Liberals respond when their oxes are being gored.

HF84/SF36 – Animal Law

This legislation requires the Board of Animal Health to license and inspect dog and cat breeders that have ten or more adult animals and produce more than five litters per year. The bill provides a standard for animal care that must be met and companion penalties and procedures for licensed breeders that do not meet the standards. The Animal Law section took a position in support of this legislation. Despite some vocal opposition in committees, the House included the language from this bill in their supplemental appropriations bill (HF3172). The Senate did not follow suit, so the issue will be resolved in a conference committee in the upcoming weeks.

Joe Doakes

So I guess that’s a question…

3 thoughts on “File It Under “Questions”

  1. The part about the mandated “positive human interaction” was interesting. Puppy mill owners would presumably have to be able to prove to the inspecting authority (the rule making process should be entertaining for the bureaucrats)

  2. Interestingly, such laws already exist.

    At least one municipality I am familiar with had an ordinance that regulated “kennels and catteries” in regard to how many animals a person could have before needing a locally issued permit. It also specified space, location, and condition mandates. I suppose that such ordinances are now regulating urban fowl and any other animal companions that may come into vogue.

    Also interesting was the fact that no one who worked for the municipality in a regulatory capacity had any training or experience in handling such inspections. The ordinance also regulated livestock and farm animals. If you need to know how deep a dead cow had to be buried in order to be in compliance, that info. could be found there.

    I suspect that the state’s adaptation of such regulations could spawn a whole new breed of regulatory officer, no doubt in need of unionization and thousands of rounds of ammo …

  3. Kel, DG is good to go with “positive human interaction”, as long as actively breeding with her pack counts.

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