As Dog, Sick Redux

I’m doing my usual thing when I have a nasty cold; lots of fluids, rest (when I can – and I actually took a rare sick day @ work today), and eating lots of onions.


Yep.  It’s part of the least appealing part of my anti-cold regimen.

I eat lots of onions for dinner – cheese and onion enchiladas, tonight, in this case – and pound a liter or two of water before bedtime, with a NyQuil chaser.  Then I curl up in sweats with a few extra blankets and a two-liter water bottle by my side, and try to sweat out the evening as hard as I can.

Doctors have spent the past 25 years poo-poohing the notion that this regimen works.  All I know is, it does; I can think of one cold in the past 20 years that it hasn’t cured, or nearly cured, overnight.

At any rate – I’ll be in full fighting fettle for Saturday night’s MOB party!  Or at least, fitter fettle than I was for the winter 2005 party, where I had bronchitis so bad I could barely get up from the table in the back and fill my customary role, circulating hyperactively about the place.

Anyway – where are those sweatpants?

2 thoughts on “As Dog, Sick Redux

  1. Another good treatment is to put cloves of fresh garlic in a full jar of honey, let sit for 12 hours, administer spoonfuls of the resulting garlic-tinged honey until saturation (indicated by the soles of your feet smelling garlicky).

    Old herbal remedy, works wonders for respiratory illness, and is particularly efficacious for sore throats.

    Like your onion remedy, I was skeptical when I first encountered this, but it works wonders. Takes about 24 hours to work and another 24 hours for the garlic completely to clear your body when you are well.

    I prefer to avoid meds as much as possible, rarely even take asprin if I can help it. Garlic and honey, water and onions with other food fall into that new class of nutri-ceuticals – food with medicinal effects. Glad you’re better.

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