8 thoughts on “Mayors Against Blowguns

  1. Keep in mind, I think very VERY few of the demographic he is targeting, will realize the error in this picture…so he probably doesn’t care.

  2. If headhunters started using cartridges instead of darts tipped with poison from Amazon frogs, imagine how much safer explorers in Brazil would be. And tapirs and other Amazon wildlife.

    And how tired the hunters would get toting around ordinance steel instead of hollow reeds……

  3. “I am telling you, if there is a God, when I get to heaven I’m not stopping to be interviewed. I am heading straight in,” he told reporter Jeremy Peters. “I have earned my place in heaven. It’s not even close.”

    Bloomberg thinks virtue lies in preventing people from exercising their freedom. Gosh, can I call him anti-American, now?

  4. In related news, Bloomberg told St. Peter that Jesus was wrong when He told His Disciples to have a sword. I am not guessing that this will go well for Bloomberg.

  5. Not violence, just gun violence. I am still amazed at how little coverage the mass knife murder in Calgary last week got :


    Five college students were killed by another student with a knife that he picked up at the scene. Aside from an initial blurb on Fox News that morning, I’ve heard nothing. I can’t believe that it’s just because it happened in Canada.

    By Mayor Bloomberg’s logic, all is well. No guns were used.

  6. “I am still amazed at how little coverage the mass knife murder in Calgary last week got”

    – You may be, but I’m not. It totally doesn’t fit the narrative. Besides, they have free health care in Canada, don’t ya know?

  7. bikebubba – you are absolutely correct. However, the story is quite newsworthy. Blood, gore, violence, kids, etc; the stuff that reporters’ dreams are made of. You’d their desire for “product” to sell would outweigh their idealistic inclinations.

    Even the conservative mainstays, Drudge and Fox paid little attention to it. Aside from its assailing the Bloomberg mantra, it sounds like a very interesting story, far more worthy of in-depth coverage than the current headlines …

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