I’ve never had much patience for sci-fi buffs.  Maybe it was the sci-fi buffs I spent my time around – I don’t know – but their (stereotypically) prickly anal-retentiveness over their genre always rubbed me the wrong way. 

And so I never really understood the whole “Firefly” thing – especially the show’s fans’ anger over the show’s (I gathered from listening to the tribe talking) sudden cancellation.   But working in technology as I do, I heard a lot of complaints.

No.  A lot.

Never could figure out what the fuss was about.

Then, last year, I finally fired up Netflix Streaming.  And Firefly – a “space western” produced by Joss Whedon – was one of the options.

So I started watching. 

And about ten days later, after getting to the end of episode 14, I started looking for the next epi. 

And looking.

And looking.

And remembering the growls and howls of my co-worker fanboys and fangirls.

And then I got angry.  And then just sad and disappointed at the waste of so much…potential. 

And I stayed a little of both.

Until today

UPDATE:  Or not. 

I guess it’s karma; for all the times I’ve yanked others’ chains, it’s probably fitting that I not only fell for a April Fools joke, but one that’s been around for a few years. 

OK.  The universe is at balance. 

For now.

(Play that joke on me again, and you’ll be awake, facing me, and armed…)

4 thoughts on “15-40

  1. Mitch, glad to see you’ve enjoyed “Firefly.” If you haven’t seen it yet, I’d highly recommend “Serenity” which provided some well-needed closure for fans (and was a heck of a good movie to boot).

    Question for you (since you’re the one who got me to watch the television show): have you seen and if so, what did you think of the Veronica Mars movie?

  2. I did see Serenity. And it did provide *some* closure, yes.

    I haven’t seen it yet (need to get to that) but I’m told it’s excellent. I may check it out this weekend.

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