Chanting Points Memo: The New Gulag

Last January, I pointed out that the left’s newfound demand for “transparency” – in the form of making sure every (conservative) causes’ donors were made publicly available – was the prelude to an attempt to purge conservatives from business, academia and any other place the Big Left could get them purged from.

And the purging has started; Brandon Eich – inventor of Javascript (a frequently-misused tool that is also one of the most important factors of the past decade and change for making the web usable to non-geeks) and a long-time browser engineer, one of the foremost experts on how the web actually works – was cashiered from Mozilla (maker Netscape) for donating to California’s Proposition 8, which headed off gay marriage for a few years:

When this fact first came to light, Eich, who was then CTO of Mozilla, published a post on his personal blog stating that his donation was not motivated by any sort of animosity towards gays or lesbians, and challenging those who did not believe this to cite any “incident where I displayed hatred, or ever treated someone less than respectfully because of group affinity or individual identity.”

There were no examples.  There never are.  “Thoughtcrime” – like most offenses in the “progressive” legal canon, like “sexual harassment” and their definition of “racism” – requires no actions, or even intent.

Conservatives think liberals are wrong; liberals think conservatives are evil.  The Eich incident is only the latest and largest example of “progressives” trying to purge dissenters from private as well as public life.  Even at the lowest and most meaningless level; one of every conservative blogger’s nightmares is when a pack of liberal droogs starts snooping through your private life, trying to get you fired or at least make your political beliefs an issue with your employers or clients.  I’ve been there and done that, and it’s one reason I never mention where I work on any social media, and never talk about politics in the office (even in offices where people know my politics and extracurricular activities.

At any rate, it’s time for choosing for “progressives”; either:

  • Choose America:  Recognize that “democracy” needs a rational, reasoned dissent, and a consensus that comes from a rational debate – and, more importantly, that people have the right to disagree civilly without having to fear for their livelihoods (or lives).  Elizabeth “The Anchoress” Scalia puts it well – it’s “Time for a gay CEO with balls to hire Eich and halt this crap“.  Or…:
  • Choose Maoism:  Live and act as if your ends really do justify your means.  Crush all intellectual opposition (or, given that most of America outside the coastal enclaves is relatively conservative whatever its political party, try to, and face the inevitable consequences, of which more later this week).

My hunch:  progressivism is well on its way toward making “the American experiment” as we know it today unviable.

More on this – much, much more – tomorrow and in coming weeks.

7 thoughts on “Chanting Points Memo: The New Gulag

  1. They cannot “choose America”, Mitch. Liberalism, since the 1960s, is totalitarian. It cannot allow any social institution to exist independently of its control. This is not about fairness or good governance, this is about liberals wanting to look outside of themselves and see nothing but themselves reflected back at them. The end is arbitrary. This week it’s about Eich, next week it will be about what is taught in church-run schools. It is childish and psychotic, and it will not end well for them.

  2. Liberal Fascism was not just a provocative book title, it’s an accurate analysis of the modus operandi of the Left in America.

    On the FascistFox front, may I suggest Comodo Dragon as an alternative browser? I played with SRware Iron and Opera but found the defaults in Iron poor, and Opera doesn’t like bookmarks and leaks info back to Google more than I’d like. But Comodo is cleaner on both fronts.

  3. Look what happens to strong female conservatives. The war of destruction the left wages on them. Just two examples:

    -The constant filing of false complaints against Governor Palin, and also the barrage of requests for records to the left could go on fishing expeditions. To say nothing of MSM suing and getting 26,000 emails to go through, looking for something they could use against her (and found nothing). Imaging what they would find if they looked into Obama’s past like that. Who was his coke dealer?

    -Congresswoman Bachmann. Among many other things, the Star-Tribune hired an airplane to fly over the Congresswoman’s mother-in-law’s farm in Wisconsin. Took pictures of it (which they printed) and gave directions on how to get there. Imaging if they tried to stalk a relative of Keith Ellison like that.

  4. A witchunt:

    The Left is all about hate and destruction. Bachmann is a conventional evangelical protestant. Until recently she was Lutheran Church Wisconsin Synod. This is a conservative liturgical denomination, not a fundamentalist denomination (not that I expect anyone on the left to know that the difference, but it is important). Today, from what I understand, Bachmann is a member of a more conventional evangelical church, like tens of millions of other Americans.
    Drug users, idiots, sexual perverts, racists, snobs, criminals, even murderers are welcome in the Democrat party. The only thing you cannot be is an ordinary, believing Christian.

  5. Punch back, twice as hard. It’s time to start publishing the names, photographs, addresses, GPS coordinates, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, employers, and spouse/significant other/childrens’ data of the fascists.

  6. Now they are going after newly appointed Dropbox board member Condi Rice:
    The slashdotters are more idiotic than usual regarding this topic. None of them seems to have any idea where Dropbox stores its data or who any other members of the Dropbox board are.
    But they know Rice is a terrible pick! Because Iraq!

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