Among The Bitter Gun-Clinging Jeebus Freaks

Insulting Iowa farmers…

…is probably not a great idea if you’re running to represent them in the Senate.

That’s Iowa Democrat Bruce Braley. He’s running against Chuck Grassley (who is, partly in the interest of disclosure but mostly as a matter of fun trivia, either a very distant relative or at least someone whose ancestors come from the same village in Norway as my paternal grandmother’s family) – but most importantly, he apparenly is banking on “people who went to law school” putting him over the top against “people who didn’t”.

6 thoughts on “Among The Bitter Gun-Clinging Jeebus Freaks

  1. Flying out of state for a fundraiser at a gathering of slimeball trial lawyers. Check.
    Bragging about blocking tort reform for 30 years, therefore enriching said trial lawyers. Check
    Attacking and belittling directly or indirectly the profession/lifestyle of about 25% of your state’s population. Check.
    Belittling and mocking said state. Check.
    Doing so in front of bottles and decanters of hard alcohol. Check.
    Hiring a good campaign manager to make sure you don’t do anything stupid, especially since the race is yours to loose. Damn, I knew I was forgetting something.

    One of his opponents is a lady whose first campaign commercial starts out with her saying “I grew up castrating hogs on Iowa farms”. Looks like Iowa is the new Wisconsin when it comes to entertaining politics.

  2. He’s running for the retiring Harkin’s vacant seat. He went out of his way to take a shot at the popular sitting Senator. Even dumber.

  3. The stupidity of making such a statement in public, particularly in light of the hay made of an innocent remark by Romney under similar circumstances, is nearly as bad as its rude and arrogant content. I think that farmers are close to “the children”, widows, and veterans” on a public sympathy scale. And lawyers …?

    I concur with Chuck: doing so in front of an assortment of reasonably high-end booze puts it over the top. He may as well be wearing a top hat, monocle, and carrying a gold-topped walking stick. Bragging about fighting any type of “reform,” a word which generally implies a needed change or repair (particularly as related to lawsuits), pretty much relocates this clown from Iowa to the Hamptons, next door to Alec Baldwin.

  4. Just you wait. Salon and/or the Nation will have an explanation of why pointing this out is racissss….

  5. Perhaps a dog-bites-man story?

    I’ve been seeing a lot of citations from the Daily Mail lately. I know little more about it than it’s mention in “Paperback Writer.” However, its reporting, even on less controversial topics, seems far more comprehensive and professional than what our allegedly top-notch news sources turn out. Even on stories that originate here and were already covered by the U.S. MSM.

    I’d love to hear his take on the prostitute situation.

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