I’m All About The Sharing

Since signing up for a forum on “Obama.com” last year, I’ve been indundated with email from various functionaries in the campaign.  Most of it was pretty typical “send us money” boilerplate.
But this past week, they asked me – all of us, really to “Share our about the Economic Crisis”

I figured, how many chances like this does a guy get?  To send my story directly to the President?

I had  to respond!

I work for a company that depends on the free and open flow of commerce, and a robust business market. My “economic crisis”is that, while I’m one of the 93% of Americans who ARE working (knock wood), my company’s business is going to get hobbled by the hiked interested rates and jacked-up taxes the “Obama” (really Pelosi) plan will foist on us all.  The “cure” might be worse than the disease.

Please stop mortgaging my childrens’ future.

That’s my crisis story.  You should put yours up there, too.

56 thoughts on “I’m All About The Sharing

  1. RickDFL said:

    “This is why I love SITD. You get the strait up bug ass crazy economic illiteracy.”

    And we really appreciate you bringing it, along with your many other forms of illiteracy, RickDFL.

  2. Rick, you moron…

    This is all very basic stuff:

    I told you they only said Payroll tax credit.

    I told you that you had to use logic.

    I told you that the bottom 50% of income earners paid no INCOME tax.

    Obama told you that the lower 95% of ALL income earners will get a payroll tax credit, because all workers pay payroll taxes.

    So the bottom 50%, who do not pay INCOME TAX, but do pay PAYROLL TAX get their tax credit from….


    Enjoy eating that big bag of denial chips, & washing it down with that Kool-aid, I’m done trying to teach this pig ballet.

  3. OK I see your point now. I thought you claimed that Obama stimulus plan cut the tax rates for SS or Medicaid/Medicare. It doesn’t. It just gives a refundable tax credit for equivalent to all payroll taxes paid on the first several thousand dollars of income.

    Why you think this is bad, I am not sure.

  4. It’s you ‘progressives’ that came up with the idea of taxing every worker for SS & medicare from the first dollar earned, RickDFL.

  5. Mr. Shirt:
    “Is Social Security welfare?”
    I guess that depends on how you define ‘welfare’.

    “It’s you ‘progressives’ that came up with the idea of taxing every worker for SS & medicare from the first dollar earned, RickDFL. ”
    And we are quite proud of Social Security and Medicare too. Anytime a Republican wants to admit they are in favor of eliminating the programs, we try to give them all the encouragement we can.

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