Object Lessons

Just a couple of things from the news.

Crises, Crises Everywhere:  Some libs claim that conservatives are “paranoid” for planning ahead against massive public dislocation in the event of major crises.

I say “it’s only paranoia if it’s not fully justified by the minor crises“.      

On Your Neck Forever: Some libs claim that conservatives are “paranoid” for not trusting government – especially government’s intentions toward dissidents.

I say “it’s only paranoia if it’s not absolutely accurate and true“.

Imperious:  Some libs say conservatives are “paranoid” for concerning themselves with Barack Obama’s expansion of presidential powers.

I say “it’s only paranoid if it’s not playing out righit in front of us as we speak“.     Or if our country weren’t developing a two-tiered law-enforcement system – one for the political haves, one for the political have nots – before our very eyes.   

On  Your Neck, Forever – Part II:  Some libs claim that conservatives are “parnaoid” – or  even “traitors” – for believing that government and its agents need to be strictly limited, lest it run amok. 

I say “it’s only paranoia if it’s not virtually a physical law.  And if this is treason, then it’s the same “treason” our Founding Fathers engaged in.

No, you heard me right – virtually a physical law.

Yes, it is.

5 thoughts on “Object Lessons

  1. It reminds me of mentioning to a liberal coworker that one problem with gun registration was that it led to confiscation. He would have none of it, even when I told him that registration had led to confiscation already in New York and California. Denial is not just a river in Africa.

  2. There’s no need to worry about the Ohio National Guard conducting training scenarios based on Second Amendment supporters being the bad guys. I mean, it’s not like the ONG would ever fire on fellow citizens, right?

  3. They might not fire on their own, Night, but that’s not how it’d play out. Instead, the President would send Ohio National Guard to fire on racist KKK crackers in Georgia, while at the same time sending Georgia National Guard to fire on Damn Yankees in Ohio. Not at all confident about troops showing restraint in those circumstances.

  4. I’m sure the dogs they shot were Al Qaeda. Or Branch Davidians. Or Survivalists. Or Raciss.

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