Requiem For A Dog

The real celebrity passing here in the Twin Cities over the weekend was “Jasper”, long-time star of James Lileks’ Bleat blog and namesake of “Jasperwood”.

And recipient of probably the most beautiful elegy ever written for a dog

I’m going to hug Clu when I get home tonight.

UPDATE:  Fixed the link.  The perils of blogging from an iPhone.

10 thoughts on “Requiem For A Dog

  1. I think a lot of us will show our dogs some extra love after reading that. Our Bichon is 15. We got her as a puppy at the request of our daughters, now long since on their own, so she’s been ours for longer they were around. But we have no regrets. James’ piece made me look sadly forward to the time when we’ll inevitably lose her. It wasn’t a pleasant read but tremendously moving.

  2. Always very sad; they get inside our hearts. One of those things that transcends partisan politics.

    Offering this to be helpful, the link did not work for me; I had to look for the piece separately. Might be just me, but thought I’d mention it so you can check it.

  3. We’ve always had dogs, I’ve removed too many a collar from a dearly departed friend, the pain of loss is very real. Dogs bring so much joy to our life, most sadly they go too soon.

    Thanks for sharing the story with us Mitch, I’ll be giving my dogs an extra hug tonight as well.

  4. I’ve got a Golden. She’s the equivalent of a horribly clingy girlfriend: always coming over, demanding to know that what you’re doing and telling you to pay attention to her, to pet her, etc. It makes it hard to work when she’s around, but she’ll get that extra attention tonight.

  5. I had a mongrel terrier mix that found me a month after I left home on my own, and stayed with me until a month after I was married. Over those years there were times where probably the only reason I had to come home at night was to let her out and play with her; she no doubt kept me out of a lot of trouble. The morning my new wife came into the bedroom to announce she was pregnant (with the Mall Diva) I’m sure my dog figured, “My work here is done.” When we came home that evening she had passed away.

  6. Night – wow. i don’t believe I’d heard that.

    Nerd – my dog’s a golden too. Same personality.

  7. Retrieve a Golden of Minnesota is a great place doing good things. We got Ricochet and Velvet, the clingiest of girlfriend goldens in the history of the world there. I can’t recommend them enough.

    If you haven’t blown all your dog death emotions out yet here is Ricochet’s Requiem.

  8. This story has me thinking of the dear friends I’ve had since I was a kid:
    Rat Terrier
    Golden Retrievers (3)
    White German Shepherd
    Yorkies (2)

    I’ve loved them all like children. After watching the Audi Superbowl commercial I’m thinking I need to look into getting a Doberhauhau for the household (wink).

  9. Our house mutt is a Siberian Husky. This winter, he has been one happy boy in all of the cold weather. He really pisses me off when I take him for a walk though, because when we get about a block from home, he starts walking slower and I mean so slow I practically have to drag him home. When we get to my driveway and he realizes that he’s lost the battle, he trudge up to the garage door, then will stand there and give me this defiant look that seems to say; “Where you going, dude? I’m not ready to go in yet!”

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