“Honesty”: Local Leftymedia Still Unclear On The Concept

The “Brady Campaign” is mad at Minnesota:

Minnesota has weak gun control laws, says a national group.

Let’s stop there.  The link is to a piece by Joe Kimball at the MinnPost.  Kimball has a track record as a decent reporter, to be fair.

But he calls Brady a “national group”.  Now, I don’t expect Joe Kimball, employed as he is by a “progressive” agenda-news outlet, to call Brady “a group whose numbers, “research” and claims have been roundly debunked at nearly every turn for the past 25 years”, which would be true, albeit highly perspective-based. 

But Kimball can’t even call Brady “a national gun-control advocacy group”,  – which would be honest, non-partisan and factual.

The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence says Minnesota’s laws “help feed the the illegal gun market, allow the sale of guns without background checks and put children at risk.”

The group gives Minnesota only 11 points out of 100 in a checklist of laws. That ties us for 23rd among the 50 states.

In other words, “failing” is the mainstream! 

We do get passing grades on holding gun owners accountable for leaving guns accessible to kids and for giving cities authority to hold gun makers legally liable.

We also have a waiting period on gun sales, limitations on “junk” handguns — Saturday night specials — but on many other possible laws, like a ban on assault weapons and limitations on large-capacity ammunition magazines, we don’t fit their bill.

Because Minnesota, like most states, realizes that none of them make any difference in public safety (and bans on “Saturday Night Specials” merely make guns unaffordable for poor people, usually in crappy neighborhoods). 

The real question isn’t that Brady is lying and misrepresenting fact – that’s been their stock in trade for a generation. 

The real question is, why can’t the local lefty “alternative” media report on this issue any more clearly and honestly than the bigs?

5 thoughts on ““Honesty”: Local Leftymedia Still Unclear On The Concept

  1. The real question is, why can’t the local lefty “alternative” media report on this issue any more clearly and honestly than the bigs?

    The real question is are there any issues where the lefty alt-media report with any substantive difference than the bigs (other than in invective)?

  2. Nerbert, sure: the folks at TheUptake (I say that they’re lefty, although they kinda sorta disagree) are covering the Senate contest gavel to gavel, CNN style. That’s very different than what the MSM folks are doing.

  3. The Brady’s love States with strong anti gun laws but high levels of gun crime and despise States with weak anti gun laws and low levels of gun crime.

  4. Kel: be fair. So far, it’s just Bobby Rush’s stalking horse. Mitch and AmX and I discussed it, in passing, on NARN last weekend.

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